Oscars Recap


Tonight was the biggest night in film – the 2014 Academy Awards! I was really excited to follow the action this year having watched many of the nominated films. My favorites going into the evening were definitely Her, The Wolf Of Wall Street and Dallas Buyers Club. I’ve really renewed my love for films this year thanks to my other half @offner, who’s a major film buff.

I also love seeing all the stars dress up and look their best on the red carpet. I love seeing all the gowns and tuxes, seeing everyone’s hairstyles, nail art, etc. Happy to see a lot of color on the red carpet tonight including a whole lot of ivory for both men and women. Lot’s of nudes and metallics were also seen on women on the red carpet.

Ellen Degeneres was hosting again this year. I think she always does a decent job but always plays it really safe and I felt like this year, she seemed to be stalling or sometimes didn’t even know what to say when she was trying to improve. That said, I liked her sparkly navy suit.

My favorite moments of the night were without a doubt Jared Leto’s speech that kicked off the evening, was perfect and beautiful. Also, Lupita’s speech was very touching! Pink’s simple yet classy performance for the Wizard of Oz tribute was memorable. Also, that hilarious a-list selfie Ellen took was great!

Here are my 3 favorite dresses of the night:

Kate Hudson – words can’t describe how stunning she looked tonight in Versace. Wow! Absolute perfection!!


Kristin Chenoweth – in beautiful gold Cavalli. Love the shape and texture of the gown!


Camilla Alves – looked amazing in that pale pink dress. Looks so lovely with her ski tone.


Honorable mentions also go to Olivia Wilde who looked amazing in her simple black Valentino dress (she probably woke up looking like that ;)) and also Portia de Rossi who’s ivory lace detailed dress looked amazing on her.



Also, I wanted to talk about the men who looked incredible tonight. Matthew McConaughey looked dashing in his ivory tux. I’m personally not a big Jared Leto fan (can’t stand his doughy attitude) but not only did he give a stellar performance in Dallas Buyers Club but he also looked amazing tonight. Loved that ivory tux, burgundy bow tie and those flowy locks.


Also, maybe not the boldest tux choice but Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked hella handsome this evening.


My least favorite outfits were definitely Pharrell Williams who was wearing shorts on the red carpet, so bizarre!! Plus his wife looked awkward in her tux.


Also never a fan of Anne Hathaway unfortunately. I never understand her dress choices. It looks like she’s wearing some form of bubble wrap from far away. Not a big fan of her fashion choices or personal style.


Like during many galas, there were a few wtf moments notably – Pharrell’s ridiculous hat making a comeback, Ellen passing out pizza – I mean funny on paper but ended up being a little weird in practice.

What were your favorite and least favorite moments of the night? Who’s gowns did you like and dislike? Let me know! Xo

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