What’s worth seeing at the VIMFF

Photo: Chris Christie

The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) kicks-off this Friday February 9th in Vancouver and will showcase some of the best mountain and adventure films as well as athletes, speakers and content creators. During the 9-day program, festivalgoers will be able to screen films, watch live multimedia presentations, photography exhibits, take part in workshops, seminars and more! The festival will be taking place in a variety of theatres around the city and will bring together the Canadian and international community of mountain and outdoor enthusiasts.

Some of this year’s speakers include David Suzuki, Jim Herrington, Parvaneh Kazemi, Cory Richards, Darcy Hennessey Turenne and more!

Can’t make it to all the screenings? Here are a few recommendations to help you plan your week.

In Constant Motion – Director: Cameron Sylvester

Saturday February 10th – 7:30pm at Centennial Theatre – Trail Running
An evening filled with presentations and films from trails around the world.
Speakers: Susan Hui, Rick Arikado & Suzanne Johnson, Laddie Hannam & Ann Taylor, Adam Campbell
Films: In Constant Motion (Canadian Premiere), Driven (World Premiere), Why I Run, Feel The Burn.

Surf the Line – Director: Jeremy Frey

Sunday February 11th – 2:30pm at Rio Theatre – Best of: Mountain Sports & Adventure
An afternoon showcasing international films on different sports and adventures.
Films: The Ario Dream (North American Premiere), Moment (World Premiere), The Worlds Highest Marathon, Freedom (World Premiere), This Way Up (North American Premiere), Surf The Line.

Directly Affected – Director: Zack Embree

Sunday February 11th – 7:30pm at Centennial Theatre – Uniting the Salish Sea
Moving beyond extreme energy and protecting our communities.
Speakers: David Suzuki, My Sea To Sky
Films: Directly Affected (World Premiere).

Where the Wild Things Play – Director: Krystle Wright

Thursday February 15th – 7:30pm at The Cinematheque – Women in Adventure
An evening where women from around the world will be sharing their stories about being in the outdoors.
Speakers: Kat Young, Natasha Drozdzenska & Ania Markiewicz
Films: Where the Wild Things Play, My Big White Thighs and Me (North American Premiere), Army (BC Premiere), Waters of the Greenstone.

Escape – Director: Anjali Nayar

Friday February 16th – 7:30pm at Rio Theatre – MEC Canadian Adventure Show 
An evening dedicated to pushing self-propelled adventure and exploration by Canadians.
Speakers: Steve Tersmette & Shawn Emmett, Lorraine Blancher & Robin Munshaw
Films: Escape, Strong The Wind Blows.

For more information on the VIMFF or for tickets, visit https://vimff.org/.


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetOutdoors! Beautiful outdoors! I had an amazing time hiking around the Griffith Observatory while I was in Los Angeles last week. Even if it wasn’t the sunniest day, it was so nice to explore new trails and enjoy the warm weather. I love the outdoors, I always have. As a kid, my mom would make us stay outdoors all day long when we had days off or on the weekend. It didn’t matter what temperature it was, it could be freezing outside but we had to find a way to entertain ourselves. My mom would always say that being outdoors could open our appetites and that getting fresh air is so important.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve always kept my love for the outdoors. Even if I unfortunately have to spend a lot of time indoors each week due to work, I make an effort to always go outdoors. Whether it’s a walk, a bike ride, picnics, a run, skiing/snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, etc. I love being outdoors!

As I write this, it’s -20C (-4F) outside in Toronto and though it’s hard to motivate yourself when it’s that cold to do anything outdoors, there’s nothing quite like getting some fresh air after a long day of work or on the weekend. Fresh air and outdoor activity sure beats the gym or anything you can do indoors. It’s a great mood booster and no matter how I feel, it always makes me feel better! Excited to keep celebrating the outdoors all throughout 2015, regardless of how warm or cold it is!! 😀

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Photos by @Offner

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