13 Cities, 13 Runs – Calgary


Lot’s of love for Calgary on the blog today. Calgary is a super fun city to travel to for so many reasons. The city has got so much to offer as far as culture, food and wellness is concerned.

Contrary to people’s assumptions or what I’ve heard about Calgary in the past, it’s a super active city. People are outdoors, more and more people are riding bikes downtown and there definitely seems to be a big fitness culture.

As a runner, Calgary was delightful. It’s big blue sky made it the perfect conditions for a run around the city. Did you know that there are approximately 580 kms of pathways around the Calgary region? The city also has 220 kms of pathways in the proximity to downtown.



There are several bridges crossing over Bow River to and from the downtown core. The pathways follow the river along both sides, my favorite path being on the northern side as you get a super beautiful view of downtown Calgary. I also enjoyed running towards Elbow River, through Fort Calgary and crossing over the Inglewood Bridge. The trails were great because they weren’t overcrowded and also in really good condition.

I hope that on my next trip to the city, I’ll get even more time to explore all the running trails they have to offer!


To find out more about Calgary’s running trails, go here.

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