13 Cities, 13 Runs – Saskatoon


It was my first time visiting Saskatoon last month. Though I had been to Regina a couple of times, my travels had yet to take me to “The City of Bridges” as some people call it.

The first thing I noticed about the city was that their food scene was on point! For a small city of 250 000 people, they have many amazing restaurants, cafés, juice bars, etc. I’ll be talking about these in a future travel post. That said, eating well made it even more motivating for me to explore their local running trails.



I loved running on some of the different bridges that cross the South Saskatchewan River. There are lots of great trails that follow the waterfront in Saskatoon. The Meewasin Trail is by far the most popular in the area. It’s a paved and dirt trail that spans more than 40 kms in length across the city.



The trail is easily accessible and there are several parking lots around the waterfront such as the one located at 33 St E. and Spadina Crescent E., right beside the train bridge.

I started my run by crossing the train bridge and then by running along the waterfront on the University of Saskatchewan campus. I went further north to then take the Circle Drive bridge back to the other side. What’s great about this trail is that you can easily access downtown and also customize your routes according to how you’re feeling without really getting lost. It’s easy to use the river as your guide while running.



It was a quiet and relaxing run. Though many people use the trail, the advantage of being in a small city is that it isn’t overcrowded. You’re also really close to nature, which makes for a very scenic run.

To get a full map of the Meewasin Trail, click here.

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