13 Cities, 13 Runs – Whistler

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When you think of Whistler, you may not think of it as a running town but there are lot’s of great trails located in and around the Whistler Village.

What’s great about the trails in Whistler is that you can opt for more of a city trail that is paved close to downtown or go for a wild run in the mountain.

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The Paved Valley Trail is a 40 km multipurpose trail that goes from one end of Whistler to another. It’s the perfect place to do a long run! It’s great because you can easily access it from the hotel or condo that you’re staying at.

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If you’re looking for something more wild, the Lost Lake Park is a gravel trail located in the woods. The full loop around the lake is 4 km in length.

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What’s amazing in Whistler is that you can even run on the top of the mountain. You can take the gondola up to the top of the mountain and run on the trails there. I can only imagine the view! It’s definitely something I want to explore on my next trip to the area.


For more info on the running trails in Whistler, go here.

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