13 Cities, 13 Runs – White Rock


First time visiting White Rock last month. The “hole in the sky” as some like to call it, is a small town located right on the border of the state of Washington. This oceanfront town is renown for it’s beautiful homes and ocean views. In the summer, lot’s of people flock to their pristine beach and also go explore the waters in the area to find local marine life.

White Rock is a great place is you want to work on your hill runs. Most of the roads perpendicular to Marine Dr., the town’s main street have huge inclines. Some of these streets even remind me of San Francisco.


They also have a cute little promenade located right on the beach that stretches just over 2 kms. It isn’t ideal if you’re looking for a long run, as you may end up doing a lot of back and forth on the promenade. It also tends to get real busy during the day as there are a lot of retirees living in White Rock who walk on the promenade for their daily dose of exercise. The view of the ocean, the mountains, the city and it’s big white rock are very pretty. Seeing seals as you run along the promenade is ultra special!





If you’re on the lookout for a less populated running location, the city has loads of parks and all of their streets are pretty quiet and beautiful to run along as well.


For more information on White Rock’s parks & trails, go here.

Photos by: @Offner

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