#15kHairspiration Day 1: Braids


The Nike Women’s 15k race is just around the corner! You can feel the excitement building up in the city as the race approaches.

As I’ve been clocking miles and getting ready for the big day, one of the things I’ve been thinking about is what to do with my long hair on race day. There’s nothing I dislike more than having hair in my face when I run. Plus, with race day being in June, chances are it will be a hot and humid run, so I want to make sure I have a good hairstyle that will stay put for the entire race and will keep me as cool as possible.

I’ve decided along with the help of the talented Toronto hairstylist Cabello by Carolina and photographer Pam Lau to publish a series of blog posts for the next week with a little hair inspiration titled: #15khairspiration. For the next couple of days, I’ll be sharing a bunch of hairstyle ideas for the 15k race along with commentary and tips from the hairstylist herself. I hope you’ll enjoy these!


Notes from the hairstylist: “Every hairstyle is inspired from my own personal experiences of running or playing sports. I used to play basketball, volleyball, and run, and would often have to go to a piano recital after a game or practice and would need to look presentable.

I really enjoy doing braids! They take practice to perfect but are pretty easy to do. 

One of the reason I like doing braids for when I run, keeps the hair out of my face, and why not look good while you run!

This hairstyle is easy to wear while you run, and afterwards, you can wear it with a hat and your hair will still look good ;)”



Photos by: Pam Lau (http://pamlau.com

Hairstyle: Cabello By Carolina (cabellobycarolina.com)

What I’m wearing:

Nike Gradient Women’s Running Vest 

Nike Pro Inside Full Flex Women’s Training Shorts (similar ones here)

Nike Zoom Vomero Womens Running Shoes (get them here)

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