5 Questions With: Abigail Keeso of That Clean Life


This year, I really took it upon myself to become a healthier and better me. While doing some research on healthy eating, I recently discovered a cool local website called That Clean Life. Abigail Keeso is the co-founder of the site that aims to help people create meal plans, find new recipe ideas, make grocery lists, etc. Her goal is to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle. I was curious to know more about what inspired her to start this site so I’m happy she was able to answer my questions below. Hope you’ll enjoy my 5 Questions With Abigail Keeso:

1) What inspired you to create That Clean Life?

When I was in my late teens, I fell into a downward spiral of self-hate and severe body image issues. I spent years trying fad diets and compulsively exercising but never feeling better inside or out. After some serious health issues, I  vowed to take control and truly love myself once and for all. I discovered the concept of eating clean, which really resonated with me. I taught myself to cook with fresh ingredients in ways that were absolutely delicious, stopped depriving myself and learned to listen to my body. The weight started to fall off effortlessly but other things started to change in my life too. I was more positive, creative and inspired. I was a better person to myself and to everyone around me.
Looking back, I could have saved myself a lot of time, money and heartache by just fueling my body with real food instead of looking for a quick fix. That’s why we’ve created That Clean Life –  a platform that allows users to feel inspired by healthy recipes, have fun planning their meals and eliminate the guesswork from eating healthy.   

2) What is your goal with this platform?

Our goal is to make eating healthy simple and fun so our members can look and feel their best today and for the rest of their lives.

3) How can a “clean” diet impact someone’s life?

A clean diet can literally impact every aspect of your life from your physical appearance, to your self-esteem and your mental health. Whether you are dealing with breakouts, depression, weight gain or chronic fatigue – nine times out of 10, it comes back to diet.

4) What are your thoughts on the current food industry?

It’s a bummer, but the reality is that the food that surrounds us is still heavily processed and contributing to massive health issues. The trouble with processed food is that it is stripped of its nutrients and pumped full of additives that our body has no idea what to do with. The worst part is that the food giants are making these processed foods highly addictive so we end up on a merry-go-round of constant junk food cravings (as they continue making more money).
With this being said, we’re seeing more and more people asking questions, connecting the dots and realizing the profound effect of food on our overall health. Our hope is that the more people we can get to reach for fruits and vegetables instead of Doritos and Coca-Cola, the more we can nurture a healthier food landscape and healthier policies. Can you imagine if we continued to do this overtime while encouraging more-and-more people to do the same? The processed food giants wouldn’t be able to survive. We’d be left with a food system composed of real food and world full of healthier, happier people.

5) What are some of your favorite summer foods?

Watermelon, strawberries and peaches have so much flavour in the summer. And nothing says summer nights like grilled asparagus or a caprese salad made with fresh, juicy, summer tomatoes!

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