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For the past couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to attend Toronto Fashion Week. Each season, the show that always leaves me the most inspired is the one presented by Mackage. Designers Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan launched Mackage in 1999 and have since become one of the most popular outerwear brands in North America and one of my personal favorites. In preview of their upcoming FW16 show at TFW on Wednesday, I got to ask the designers a few questions about their upcoming collection and journey thus far.

1) What was your main inspiration behind the FW16 collection? If you could resume the collection in one word, what would it be?

ELISA: We can resume the collection in two words: WINTER WARRIOR!
It is important for us that you remain fashionable while staying warm. The FW16 collection is inspired by a fashion-forward urban metropolis overrun by a severe cold front.

2) What are some of the new avenues in design and craftsmanship you wanted to explore this season?

ERAN: We are always committed to excellence and improving our product season after season. We explore new techniques and design, while always staying true to our roots. This season, we are introducing a new fill power of 800. This results in even better warmth to weight ratio.

3) What you say is the biggest difference with the FW15 collection?  

ERAN: We are evolving as a brand in everything we do. In addition to developing new techniques and silhouettes this season, we are also injecting new trends into our collection. Some of the biggest statements this season are coloured fur and oversized collars. This is something that we will see throughout our FW16 collection.

4) I’ve read that you both love traveling, what are some of the most inspiring places you’ve travelled to and why?

ELISA: Italy! There is something so breathtaking about every city and the culture. It exudes history and there is something very beautifully nostalgic about it. Not only is the fashion in Italy untouchable, but also their art and décor as well. The energy there is so different and exhilarating! We always come back inspired from our trip to Italy.

5) What’s next for Mackage in 2016?

ELISA: We have a lot of surprises lined up! We are excited to reveal some exciting projects this year. There is more to come… Stay tuned! 😉


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