5 Things to do in Vancouver

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1) Explore the Capilano suspension bridge – Around since 1889, the Capilano bridge ties the two sides of the Capilano river and forest together. Located in North Vancouver, it’s a great spot to hike and spend a couple hours in nature. In addition to the suspension bridge, you can go from treetop to treetop and get the best view of the coast rainforest. You can also venture off on their Cliffwalk, a series of small bridges right over the river. They do a great job at teaching you about the forest around you as well as its geology. If you’re looking for additional info, they also have great guided tours for the whole family.

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2) Visit the Vancouver Aquarium – It may be one of the city’s more popular attractions but it’s totally worth braving the crowds and spending time there. Not only do you learn a whole lot about local marine life, you also get to see a lot of the animals that they foster and help rehabilitate. The Aquarium is known for rescuing and rehabilitating a lot of local seal pups, sea lions, porpoises, etc. They are also renown for conducting a lot of research and working on many conservation projects. If interested, you can even apply to become a volunteer and help out on some of their initiatives. It was great to learn about the different mammals they found, what they’ve been doing to take care of them, what their plans are for the future, etc. I think more people need to be aware of the importance of conserving the oceans so that we don’t lose all of this amazing wildlife.


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3) Spend an afternoon on Granville Island – Renown for it’s amazing market, Granville Island is the perfect destination for an afternoon adventure just a few steps away from downtown. The island, which is easily accessible via water taxi or the Granville Island bridge, is the prefect place to get fresh produce, have a bite to eat at one of their many amazing restaurants as well as walk around and enjoy some local art galleries.

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4) Go take a class at the Juice Truck – The Juice Truck was the first cold-pressed juice company that opened up in Vancouver. Now, they’ve grown into not only a juice truck, a shop and also an important part of the community in the city. Each week, they hold all sorts of classes, workshops, movie screenings and more at their shop located at 28 West 5th Avenue. They’ve really built a tight knit community of young professionals, creatives and overall rad people. Their juices, fresh food and smoothies are also delicious. They partner up with local farmers and producers to provide the best products and tastiest healthy treats possible.

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5) Go run on the Seawall – This may be an obvious one but the seawall is THE best place to run in Vancouver. The reason being is that you get to do almost the full tour of the city on this great path. Whether you start in Stanley Park or in the Olympic Village, this great circuit allows you to loop around most of the city, while also having the most beautiful view!

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