5 Tips To Motivate You To Go Run

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It may be April next but it certainly doesn’t feel like spring in Toronto right now. I’ve got to admit, I’m starting to get a little fed up of running in the cold but if you’re just waiting for the temperature to rise to get out and run, then you may be waiting for a while…

I really wanted to go for a run this evening after work but I kept thinking of reasons why not to ie. fatigue, cold weather, etc. Instead of listening to any of these reasons I just convinced myself to get out the door. Here are a few things that have been helping me as of late go for runs even if the weather is still not very motivating. Hopefully they can help you too!

1) Don’t look at the temperature. The worst thing you can do is look at the weather app on the phone because you’ll start analyzing the temperature and how cold it actually is outside. Don’t focus on the temperature because by the time you’ve run a couple of minutes, you won’t even realize how cold it is outdoors.

2) Get dressed. Getting dressed is half the battle. Once you’re dressed you have no excuse not to go out. Layer if you need to, wear warm socks, cover your head and ears, wear gloves but get dressed!

3) Find a motivating music playlist. Whether you’re using Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, etc. prepare a motivating playlist of music, music that will get you fired up. I go through phases but I recently created an early 00’s screamo/punk/alternative playlist, which has become my go-to this past month. Embarrassing but true!

4) Focus on speed instead of distance. When it’s really cold out, you may not want to run for as long so focus on doing shorter distances but faster. Tonight, I went for a quick 5k, but my average time per km was 15-30 seconds under what I normally clock per km. You’ll get just as good of a workout in, trust me!

5) Dedicate your run to someone. I totally nabbed this tip from the lovely Sosasha. She’s been a big inspiration of mine this past year to really get into running. She recently posted on her Instagram that she dedicates each run to someone and it really motivates her to keep running when it starts getting tough. It’s psychological but it totally works. Tonight’s run was dedicated to my mom, a fierce woman who I’ve always looked up to.

And once you’re done your run, you’ll be so glad you went out and you’ll feel great!

Next week! I’ll be announcing a special series of blogs that I’ll be doing leading up to the Nike 15k race in Toronto. So stay tuned!

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