Apple Launches GymKit in Canada

Canadian Apple Watch users are now able to pair their Apple Watch Series 3 directly to their cardio equipment of choice during a workout thanks to the arrival of GymKit in Canada. Whether you’re using a treadmill, an elliptical, an indoor bike or a stair stepper, you can now get all the metrics you’ve been wanting directly on your watch with just a simple tap . Global equipment manufacturers such as Matrix, Technogym and Life Fitness are just some of the brands that have come on board to provide this technology for gym goers.

How does it work? 

Apple Watch users can tap their Apple Watch on the VFC logo on the cardio machine either at the beginning or at any point during their workout (the data can be synched retroactively). The watch will then immediately connect to the workout app and ask you to choose your workout. As soon as it is connected, whether you start, stop or pause a workout on the cardio equipment, the watch will do the exact same.

With GymKit, you will now be able to receive calories, distance, speed, floors climbed, incline and pace in real time directly on your watch, thus permitting more accurate measurements and results that will help you achieve your daily or weekly fitness goals. This data will also be store in the Apple Health app.

Will my personal information be safe? 

By using VFC, which is the same technology Apple uses for ApplePay, as soon as an individual walks away from a workout or a cardio machine, the user’s personal information is automatically removed and cleared from the equipment.

Where can I use it? 

Apple GymKit launched last week at Equinox in Canada. The first rollout is at Equinox’s Toronto Yorkville location but will be rolling out to other Equinox locations across Canada such as Vancouver very shortly. Plus, with 80% of the world’s cardio equipment manufacturers on board with GymKit and with it being included by default in all new cardio equipment that is launched, it’s only a matter of time before GymKit is seen almost everywhere
As an avid Apple Watch Series 3 user, the launch of GymKit in Canada will allow me to get even more use out of my watch. Though I’ve been using my watch already for all of the activities that I do such as running, hiking, swimming, HIIT workouts and more, now being able to use it cardio machines will be great, especially for when I’m on the road!
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Photos: George Pimentel Photography

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