Apple Watch Series 6: Best New Features

The latest Apple Watch is now here and with its release comes many great upgrades for a product that has undoubtedly become the top smartwatch in the world. As someone who’s been wearing the Apple Watch since its very first inception, I’m excited to share with you today some of the latest and greatest things that the Apple Watch Series 6 now offers.

Hand Washing Countdown
This is a great new feature that we can all agree on is incredibly important these days. The watch uses on-device AI to detect when you are washing your hands and counts down 20 seconds. What’s neat about this AI is that it detects hand washing through hand motions as well a s the sounds of water and soap.

Sleep Tracker
The built-in sleep tracker is easy to understand and connects directly to the Health app of your iPhone. It’s been neat to be able to track the time spent in bed, the time spent awake vs. asleep. It can also a good tool to set some sleep goals for yourself.

Faster Charging
This is a definite bonus for those of us who use the watch day in and day out. Now that I’m also tracking my sleep with the watch, having it charge from 0% to 100% in just 83 minutes and having it last up to 36 hours without a charge, is a great upgrade.

Apple’s commitment to creating products using recycled materials, is one that I commend. The Series 6 features 100% recycled rare earth elements in the Taptic Engine, close to 100% recycled tungsten is used throughout the product and 100% recycled cases on the aluminum models. They’re also helping their manufacturers transition to renewable energy while also removing the AC adapter from their packages to reduce electronic waste.

Always-On Altimeter
As someone who is often on the mountain going for hikes or trail runs, the always-on altimeter is a great new feature that provides real-time elevation all day long. It records even small elevation changes above ground level up and down to the measurement of 1 foot and can be shown as a new watch face complication or workout metric.

Other notable things to mention: SpO2 monitoring that can be recorded in 15 seconds when you lay your hand still on a table, the “always-on” mode is now 2×5 brighter and the S6 chip is also 20x faster than its predecessor.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of Apple Fitness+, a new engaging and personalized fitness experience that will come to life with Apple Watch!

The new Apple Watch Series 6 is now available in Canada. Visit for all the pricing and details.

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