Cookies + Champagne 2013

I had the pleasure of attending my very first Cookies + Champagne event last night at the Steamwhistle Roundhouse in Toronto. It’s one of many events the lovely girls of The Hip Urban Girl’s Guide organize every year. I’ve been to a bunch of their events around the city before but I always seem to miss this one.

The event started at 7pm, I was greated by the Hip Urban Girl husbands at the door who took my coat (love gallantry!) and offered me a champagne ticket. As I entered the room, there were a handful of carefully selected booths and vendors. I walked around to meet the vendors; there were a couple local jewelry designers (Stella & Dot, Fredrick Prince & more!) skin care products, a really fun cosmetic company called Inspire Cosmectics who were there to give ladies some lovely makeup touch ups as well as Lux Spa who were giving ladies a complimentary buff and polish. Since I got there early, I figured why not get a fresh mani. The ladies of Lux Spa were super sweet! See what color I picked below.

There was also a bunch of snacks and appetizers on tables for everyone to munch on but most importantly, the place was filled with cookies!!! Cookies of every shape, color and flavor. For someone like myself who has a serious sweet tooth, I was in heaven.  My issue however, is not being able to control myself, so I made sure to only purchase a networking ticket, so I wouldn’t end up eating a few dozen cookies and falling over in a corner somewhere because I gave myself a sugar coma.  For those of you who don’t know exactly how this cookie thing works… Basically, the guests are asked to bake 4 dozen cookies and bring an empty container. When Wendy & Lisa say go, everyone runs around the room and picks up a dozen cookies of their choice. Everyone else who bought networking tickets (those who didn’t bake) watch the madness from the bar. Apparently over 200 people were in attendance last night, meaning there were over 5000 cookies to choose from last night. Wild!

I definitely had a great time last night! It was nice seeing a bunch of familiar faces as well as meet new people. Thanks so much for having us Wendy & Lisa! I’m definitely putting the event on my calendar for next year! (maybe I’ll even bake this time ;))

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