Coups de coeur – France

Happy New Year everyone!! Wishing you a magical 2013! Today, I decided to do a little blog post of some of my favorite things from my recent trip to France.

1 – Le Marais, Paris.

Le Marais is a great area located in the 3rd and 4th districts in Paris. It’s an area filled with lot’s of little shops, local designers (The Kooples, American Retro, etc.) cool cafés, bistros and restaurants. I spent lot’s of my time in Paris walking around and hanging out in Le Marais.  I definitely recommend it for all of those who are looking for a cool and hip area to spend time in.



2 – Springsioux

Springsioux is a Paris-based jewelry, clothing and accessory brand run by two rad young entrepreneurs. I love Springsioux for its perfect blend between rock n’ roll and elegant pieces. Nikki Sixx, Bradley Soileau and other celebrities have been spotted with some Springsioux swag.  I’m the lucky owner of a Lady Muerte ring from their most recent collection. I absolutely love it! I know this is just the beginning for Springsioux!


3 – L’Épicerie, Lyon

I spent a few days in Lyon while I was a France. For those who don’t know, Lyon is renown around the world for their culinary excellence. I definitely didn’t go hungry in that city! My favorite little restaurant is a little bistro recommended by @offneraurelien in the Bellecour area called L’Épicerie. The concept of the bistro – to serve tartines, which is basically toast with toppings on it. It may sound plain but I assure you that the restaurant was anything but plain. Their food is cheap, tasty and creative. They also have delicious homemade desserts.



4 – Le Cellier, Les 2 Alpes

I was lucky enough to have the chance to go skiing in the Alps during my stay in France. While at Les 2 Alpes, I was also introduced to a delicious raclette restaurant called Le Cellier.  I love the little chalet-style decorations, wood stove and delicious comfort food. For those who don’t know what raclette is, it’s a Swiss dish based on heating the cheese and scraping off (racler) the melted part onto either meat or veggies.



These were just some of my “coups de coeur” from my recent France trip. I sincerely hope you will also have the chance to visit France one day or return if you’ve been there before.  Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I love learning about other cultures, meeting new people and opening myself up to the rest of the world. It’s through traveling that I’ve met some of my best friends and made some of my longest lasting memories.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2013 filled with tons of travels!

Much love,

Mel xo

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