Day 1 Ottawa #DailyOutfit

This morning I flew to Ottawa to cover the Contact Ontarois festival for my tv show BRBR. While I’m in town, I’ll have the chance to chat with a handful of up and coming acts from Ontario and Quebec. Today’s first interview will be with a lovely folk/country duo from Quebec called Les Soeurs Boulay.

When traveling to Ottawa, one thing you always need to remember is to dress warm and bring boots as it is always super cold, windy and wintery.  When I landed today, it was no exception! Snow, cold and wind awaited!  Really happy I bought the Je voudrais être une princesse boots while I was in Paris, they’ll definitely be useful here!

jan 16 2013

H&M leopard top

Kitson LA cuff

Hello Berry Mini Smoothie bracelets 

Je voudrais être une princesse boots

Wave necklace from Etsy (get it here)

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