Favorite Interviews

I often get asked what have been some of my favorite interviews to date, which artists have been the coolest, if I have any memorable encounters, bad experiences to share, etc.

This weekend I’ve been thinking about just how lucky I’ve been over the past 12 years to have had the chance to interview so many amazing artists, people, organizations, athletes, etc. I can vividly remember my first big interview, I had just turned 17. It was a phoner with a local Montreal punk-emo band called Fifty Nutz. Though a little jittery, I can’t remember being too nervous making the phone call.  I remember being stoked on the final article and sending them a copy of the small school newspaper when it had been published.

Over the years, I’ve had so many memorable chats, some not as cool but overall, the majority of my interviews have always been with nice people. Some of the names that stand out over the years are definitely – Tony Sly from No Use For A Name, he had been so generous with his time. I still can’t believe he’s no longer with us. Strung Out was an early fav, Lissie was a total sweetheart, Tegan and Sara was definitely a highlight as well, Megadeth and Mars Volta were rad, Grimes was definitely one of my most awkward yet fun interviews, I remember Tim McIlrath from Rise Against being so smart and well-spoken and the list goes on…

I think that one of my most memorable non-music interview was with David Suzuki, which I had the chance of interviewing at his foundation gala dinner a few years ago. What a special human he is! It’s also been a really interesting experience interviewing Olympic Athletes over the years for various publications. Their drive, talent and determination are so inspiring to me!

Unfortunately with time, I’ve started forgetting some of them. When I was first starting off, I used to write my impressions down in a journal after every interview I did. I think I should have stuck with it, because several hundred interviews later, I seem to be drawing blanks! What I have kept over the years have been all of my festival accreditations, media/photo passes and tickets.

I sometimes forget that I started interviewing when I was a child and I can honestly say that my most memorable interview to date, was probably my first one. What started out as a personal project from my passion for hockey, transformed into a school assignment. When I was 12 years old, with the help of my grand-father, I had the opportunity to interview the legendary hockey player Maurice Richard. I will always remember the autographed picture he gave me with my name on it and “Bonne Chance” written at the bottom. I think that it’s partly due to his good thoughts that I’m where I am today.

I’m deeply grateful to everyone who’s shared some of their life stories with me thus far. A big thank you!

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