Fedora #DailyOutfit

Happy Thursday everyone!

Stoked for Biko Jewellery’s sample sale that starts today! For all the deets, go here.

This week is Indie Week in Toronto. Lot’s of great shows happening around the city featuring some of Canada’s best indie bands. The festival goes on until the end of the week. There are still some tickets left, so if you’re looking for some great Canadian music to check out, go see the line up here.


The hat is back! I love it because not only is it really stylish but it’s also the perfect mix between a fedora and a cowboy hat! Wearing this hat has me wondering if I should buy more 😉


Topshop clean edge fedora hat (similar one here)

Zara checked/floral combination shirt (similar one here)

Anine Bing Skinny Jeans Double Zipper Grey (get them here)

Anine Bing boots with silver studs (get them here)

Biko Rena Ring Necklace (get it here)

Vanessa Mooney Little Ways Gold Bracelet (get it here)

Vanessa Mooney With A Tiny Tender Kiss Charm Bracelet White(get it here)

Lionette Gilmore bracelet (to order please go here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Karl Lagerfeld ’7′ Beveled Bezel Bracelet Watch (get it here)

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