Feeling Brave #DailyOutfit

Bon matin!

I watched a really endearing animated movie last night called Brave.  I had heard a lot about it, primarily from my boyfriend who kept saying just how much the main character Merida and I looked alike… well at least our curly ginger locks 😉 Growing up I loved watching movies featuring redheads as the main character (The Little Mermaid, Anne Of Green Gables, La Grenouille et La Baleine), it really made me feel like I wasn’t so different. As a kid, I was teased a lot at school for my red hair and freckles and found that watching those movies always made me feel better. Today, I obviously don’t get teased about my hair anymore but still always relate to movies with rockin’ ginger ladies. Aside from that, the movie was super sweet and the 3D animation was absolutely stellar! If you’re looking for a cute feel-good movie to watch with lovely images, I recommend watching Brave 🙂



I had the hardest time getting ready for work this morning! I really wanted to wear something colorful today and finally decided on the outfit below. Are there days when you also have no idea what to wear? What to mix and match? It probably happens to me at least once a week and it’s not because I lack clothes, rather imagination or inspiration at times. Bonne journée!

photo (41)

Forever 21 Ganado Denim Vest (get it here)

H&M paint splattered denim

Lace-Up Platform Boots (similar ones here)

Victoria Secret pink relaxed pocket tee (similar one here)

VERAMEAT gold brass initial ring

Stella & Dot gold renegade cluster bracelet (get it here)

Forever 21 rose gold bangles (similar ones here)

Forever 21 white cuff (similar one here)

H&M etched gold and faux pink stone ring 


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