Friday Faves

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1) Le Petit Marseillais deodorant spray – France loves Le Petit Marseillais. I’m always on the lookout for new beauty products and had never really seen any spray deodorants for women in Canada before, especially some that didn’t contain paraben or aluminum. These spray on deodorants are so awesome because they don’t leave any white stains or yellow marks and dry super quickly! I also love the smell of this one – “green tea“, it’s light and also a little sweet. I was so stoked on this product, that I actually brought back a bunch of them with me. You can get some Le Petit Marseillais products online via Amazon, if ever you’re not planning on making it out to France any time soon.

2) BelVita Biscuit Petit Déjeuner – I recently discovered these amazing breakfast cookies while in France. They come individually packaged in packs of four and are great accompanied by fruit or even yogourt in the morning. They have a bunch of different kinds – some sweeter than others. To my surprise, I found BelVita cookies at Fiesta Farms in Toronto, but funny enough in Canada, they’re made by Christie and not by LU and don’t have the same health standards. So to my utter disappointment, these cookies in Canada as healthy and awesome as they are in France. Luckily we brought back a few boxes but that just means we’ll have to go back and get more 😉 SO YUMMY!

3) Chestnut Spread –  As a kid, my mom would eat chestnut spread from France every morning. She would put it on toast with butter. I never really liked chestnut spread until I became an adult but now, I love putting it on raisin bread toast (any one else grew up eating raisin bread all the time?!). I like it because it’s not too sweet and this particular spread we brought back from France is actually local and all-natural. You can find similar chestnut spread at Whole Foods or even Fiesta Farms in Toronto.

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