HAIM = Happiness

I’ve been listening to HAIM for quite some time now. My lovely friend from LA Suss first made me listen to them while I was out on the west coast for a visit some time ago.  Though I have yet to see them play live, I’ve watched many live sessions, concert videos, mini docs and have always been blown away by their energy, raw talent and rad style.  I have total respect for these three sisters from LA.  Today, I wanted to share with your their latest video for their track “Falling”.  The sisters have yet to release a full-length but have been buzzing all over the world since their latest EP came out. I think I listened to “Don’t Save Me” on repeat at least 100 times in the last couple of months.  Their music just makes me happy.  I sincerely hope it’ll have the same effect on you as well so this is why I’m sharing my love for HAIM with you all today!




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