How I Survive Summer Workouts


Who here actually drinks the recommended 2-3L of water per day? Who here drinks even more when they work out? I am totally guilty of not drinking enough water, especially when I work out. This summer, I’ve been making a huge effort to drink more water every day. It is really the only way I can survive my summer workouts.


The benefits of drinking water are pretty extensive. Some of them include: increased energy, flushing out toxins, improving skin complexion, boosting the immune system, relieving headaches and fatigue, preventing cramps and sprains, and the list goes on.


With the heatwave currently in effect in Toronto, drinking water is primordial, not only if you work out but if you spend any time whatsoever outdoors.


Every morning when I leave the house, I always pack 1-2 Boxed Water with me to make sure I drink at least 1L while I’m working. I also usually bring 1-2 more boxes with me when I work out. If I’m running, I’ll make sure to drink before I leave for a run, during the run and also immediately after. I really see a difference between the days I drink a lot of water and those where I do not. I used to run without drinking a lot of water and I’ve noticed that not only did it affect my speed and endurance but it also affected how I felt afterwards. Same goes for any type of gym workout. Drinking water is so key!


Boxed Water is available for purchase at Loblaws and Sobeys across Canada.

Photos by: @thehogtowntable

Hair by: Cabello by Carolina

This post was written in collaboration with Boxed Water but all opinions are my own.

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