Impact Kitchen


Ever looked for a place in Toronto that made coffee, healthy homemade food and cold-pressed juice all at the same location? Well, that place now exists and it’s called Impact Kitchen.

Josh Broun (who has a personal training and nutritional counseling background) and Frank Toskane, started this amazing eatery just three and a half months ago and it’s been a huge hit since the day they opened.


Their goal was to create a fast casual environment that would incorporate lifestyle elements to it. There’s a lounge area with sofas, magazines and a projector that plays videos of surfing on one end of the space and on the other, there’s a more traditional-looking dining area. Throughout the space, you’ll find some cool and unique decorative items such as old surfboards, kettle bells, punching bags, etc. I particularly liked their slogan “Impact Everyday” located right about the cold-pressed juice fridge.





The food can be made to order or composed on the spot. It can be grabbed to go or brought out to those choosing to stick around for a bit. Everything is vegan or vegetarian with the option of adding meat. All of the meat at Impact Kitchen is antibiotic free and locally sourced. As for their fresh produce, they follow the dirty dozen and clean fifteen list, making sure that the dirty dozen is all organic. All of their juices are made fresh in-house from 100% organic produce.



Their menu also offers paleo options and everything is gluten free. Impact Kitchen does not use any refined sugars, instead they use maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar to sweeten their treats. Their menu was crafted by Executive Chef, Stephanie Tucci, who studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. The food itself is fun, creative and tasty.

Their coffee comes from Detour Coffee, a small roasting company from Burlington, ON that Josh is a big fan of.

What you’ll want to eat:


Power Breakfast Bowl (can be made with or without chorizo)


Vanilla Berry Chia 


Dark Chocolate Cookie 


Gold Punch Juice

Their goal for the future is to open up multiple locations around Toronto and elsewhere. They will be opening up a second location already later this year. They also just started the Ubereats program this week. Additionally, they will soon be launching their website, more retail items and will work at developing a catering department.


Any place that holds copies of The Surfer’s Journal, projects surf videos on the wall and makes fresh and healthy in-house food, is where I want to spend all my time!

Impact Kitchen is located at 573 King St. East, Toronto.

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