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Those who know me know that on any day, I’d rather be outdoors than stuck somewhere inside. I love being active outdoors, it’s what inspires me the most and also what makes me the happiest. I always prefer working out outside but when the weather starts getting really cold (and it sure does in Toronto!) and snow hits the ground, working out outdoors becomes a little trickier. I’m not a big fan of gyms; running on the treadmill bores me, machines are not my friend and I’ve never really found a workout class that I liked enough to stick with it for more than a couple of months. That said, this past year, I didn’t want to let the cold stop me from being active or working out, so I’ve found different ways to stay motivated to work out indoors. Whether it’d be by using the NTC app or taking some NTC group classes (the 1st class I’ve ever kept up for more than a couple of months!), it was the first time I actually transitioned my workouts from outdoors to indoors successfully.

If you’re also in need of inspiration for taking your workouts indoors, here are a few motivating tips from my favorite Nike Master Trainer, Eva Redpath:

How do you make the transition from outdoor workouts to indoor workouts interesting?

While outdoor workouts can become more difficult as the weather gets colder, it’s important to use the dropping temperatures and harsh conditions as motivation.  There’s no need to move inside completely. Push your limits and go out your comfort zone— literally.

Creating a workout plan that incorporates both indoor and outdoor workouts as the weather transitions is a great way to keep your workouts feeling fresh while challenging yourself in new weather conditions. A great way you can do this is to take your warmup outside. Try going for a quick jog or do a shorter NTC workout to get your body warm before heading inside to finish strong. One of my favourite workouts to take outdoors  is Kirsty Godso’s Zoom in 10 Workout. It’s only 10 minutes so it’s perfect to get your heart going. Follow it up with Dafne SchippersCore Control Workout inside.

Another option is to create weekly challenges and commit to working outdoors 1 – 2 days of the week. Try using outdoor objects as part of your workout. For example, find a bench and do lateral toe taps with hold Tabata style (40 seconds on, 20 seconds off for two minutes.) Another drill you can do on a bench is incline push up to tricep push up for a minute followed up by drop squats with alternating touches for 30 seconds – do a couple sets of these then head on inside to stretch out.

What are some tools that people can use to motivate themselves to work out indoors?

One of my main go-tos is the Nike+ Training Club app. It’s a great tool for indoor workouts, but you can take it outside too! It includes a variety of gym and studio workouts to help you stay lean, toned and strong. It’s almost like having your own personal trainer in your pocket. Within workouts, the in-app ‘coach’ cheers you on and helps you finish strong. It also connects you to the global N+TC community where you can find inspiration while motivating and cheering on others through the Sport Feed.

Can you share with us a quote that inspires you to stay active these days?

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.”

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