Jane Goodall Collection by G Adventures


Growing up, I spent countless hours reading National Geographic because my family had a subscription. I remember reading a really inspiring article on Jane Goodall and was immediately intrigued by the work she had been doing with chimps. Since, I have read countless articles about her work in Gombe and with the Jane Goodall Institute. Along with legends like marine biologist Sylvia Earle and environmental activist David Suzuki, Jane Goodall has always been on my dream interview bucket list. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to spend a day with Dr. Goodall.

I’m thrilled that G Adventures, a Toronto-based adventure travel company, the biggest for small group travels recently announced a partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute to help promote the importance of wildlife-friendly travel.


Called the Jane Goodall Collection, this program of 20 curated wildlife trips has as a goal to raise awareness of the importance of wildlife-friendly tourism. These trips are a great way to learn about the natural world as well as our relationship with it. They also hope to raise awareness for the Jane Goodall Institute, which supports research into the behaviour of wild chimpanzees, and community-based conservation programs that protect chimpanzees and their forest environment.

The Jane Goodall Collection trip destinations include Borneo, Madagascar, the Galapagos Islands, Kenya and more. I can only imagine how awesome and inspiring it can be to potentially walk in the footsteps of Jane Goodall during one of these trips!


For more information on the Jane Goodall Collection by G Adventures please visit www.gadventures.com.

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