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Yes, this post is about a juice cleanse but this is a different type of juice cleanse, a cleanse that includes the consumption of food. Yes, you read right!

If you’ve read about my previous cleanse experiences (here), you know that my experiences have not been positive. As someone that works out several times a week and that has a very active job, I simply cannot afford to not eat anything solid for a couple of days. The last cleanse I did, consisted in 2 days of raw food, 3 days of juicing and 2 additional days of raw food before eating “normal” again – that’s a full 7 days of not eating regularly. Some people swear by cleanses, but it left me feeling terrible, so much so that I vowed never to do a cleanse again… Until I was asked to try Freshii‘s 1-day #JuiceCleanseEnergize.

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I like Freshii, they offer healthy food options for people on the go. They’ve been a saver many times when traveling to the Pearson Airport, offering the only healthy food option around! Plus, they’re also a Toronto-based company, which makes them even more appealing to me.

Being a big consumer and maker of fresh juices (I usually make at least 1 fresh juice a day – anything from green juice to an apple, carrot, ginger juice to a yummy grapefruit juice in the morning!), I know the benefits of making your own fruit and veggie juices. In the past year, since I purchased my juicer (honestly, best purchase ever!), I’ve cut out store bought juices all-together from my diet and grocery list. Wohoo!

Last week, I went to the Freshii headquarters in Toronto to learn more about this new juice cleanse along with some amazing people from the fitness and media community in Toronto. I was immediately surprised when Freshii’s nutritionist explained that this 1-day cleanse would also include food. WHAT?!  Yes, it IS ok to eat something during a juice cleanse. Some will argue that it isn’t but to me, it’s a WAY more realistic approach to juicing if you can actually EAT something and not starve yourself for days on end.




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Though I’m a very clean eater, I do have a sweet tooth and a thing for baked goods (Can you blame me? Part of my family is from France!). That said, I’ve been making a real effort as of late to only eat homemade baked goods or organic locally made baked goods, that don’t contain any preservatives, any added sugar, etc. That said, taking a day to super-charge my nutrient intake and energize my body can’t hurt so I gave it a shot!

Basically, the cleanse is super simple. You have 4 juices to drink 2.5-3 hrs apart and you finish your day with a salad. Here’s basically what your day looks like on the cleanse:

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1) You start off your day with a glass of warm lemon water.

2) You have the Green Energy juice (apple, cucumber, kale, lemon, carrot, romaine, spinach) to start.

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3) You then have the Carrot Zinger juice (carrot, apple, ginger) a few hours later.

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4) Your next juice is the Mighty Detox juice (pineapple, cucumber, celery, apple, ginger).

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5) And your last juice is the Red Power juice (beet, carrot, lemon, ginger).

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6) You finish your day off with the Metaboost Salad juice (field greens, spinach, kale, carrots, mango, edamame, almonds, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette).

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All the juices were super yummy and the salad was also a nice treat at the end of the day!

You can conveniently pick up the cleanse at one of the Freshii locations in Toronto in the morning or the night before your cleanse. If you’re a big fan of the juicing, you can also opt for a 3 or 5 day cleanse. For me, the 1-day cleanse was sufficient and the only thing I could do realistically, but I know that everyone is different. Whether I’ve fully cleansed my body or not, I personally believe it all has to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating clean as much as possible and being active. Also, a healthy body isn’t the only thing one should strive for, I think a healthy mind is also incredibly important. I know that when I’m in a positive mindset, my stress levels and anxiety decrease and I always feel so much better about everything.

All in all, I did enjoy my Freshii experience. It was nice to not have to make my own juices for a day and I did like their more realistic and healthier (I find!) approach to the whole juicing craze!

Would you try a juice cleanse? Share some of your personal experiences with me!


  1. Love this Mel! I’ve never done a juice cleanse because I know how hungry I get after even a few hours without eating! Speedy metabolism! I love my fresh smoothies though that retain the fiber to fill me up. Juices are amazing for being easy to digest and giving the body an immediate and powerful boost in nutrition and I think the idea of a one day cleanse is totally beneficial and practical! You’re right, it’s all about living a healthy lifestyle, not eating like crap and expecting a quick juice cleanse to fix you!

  2. Do most of your outlets offer the 1 day cleanse in a package deal with a salad that you can pick up.I am wondering about your outlet in Burnside in Dartmouth N.S. thank you.

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