Monument Valley

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Having the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places on this planet, is pretty surreal.

Before our US road trip last month, I had heard of Monument Valley but didn’t realize what kind of impact visiting such a place would have on me. I can’t really put into words what visiting the Tribal Park did for me, all I can say is that it had a profound impact on my soul.

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Offner had been to Monument Valley before but I insisted we make it a part of our road trip anyways. And boy am I happy we did!

The drive to the park was stunning. We made it a point to take smaller roads like the local Indian Route 15, which gave us a glimpse of the pristine local scenery.

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It’s a $20 admission fee for a car of up to 4 people to get into the park. You can either drive through the park yourself at your leisure, take as many photos as you want and make as many stops as your heart desires. Another option is taking one of their many readily available guided tours throughout the park.

For those planning on staying a night or longer, you can opt to camp in either a premium cabin that is located at the entrance of the park or opt for roughing it at the campground located further in the park. You can also stay at the Goulding Lodge, which has the dreamiest sunset views.

We opted for the do-it-yourself, drive your own car option, the most fitting for what we wanted to do. The 17 mile drive around all the monuments takes about 1-2 hrs depending on how long you stop to take photos. Around many monuments, you’ll find Navajos that set up tents and sell their handmade jewelry. If you talk to them for a bit, they may even tell you about the history of the place, the significance of Monument Valley, their art, etc. I was lucky to meet the kindest man who sold me two bracelets. I learned so much about him, his family and his tribe just by spending a few minutes talking to him. That was definitely a highlight of my trip.

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Offner also decided to take a little ride on one of the horses they have available for trekking at Monument Valley.

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Impossible to pick a favorite monument. They are all unique and have their own significance and particularities.

The beauty, vastness and epicness of Monument Valley can’t really be captured on camera so a visit is thus necessary!

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