Nature Walk Pt. 3


Happy weekend everyone! Hope you all had a great Halloween last night.

I’m sharing with you today, my last and final look from my nature walk in Toronto. Fall is really underway in the city… it was even snowing a little bit this morning. I hope you get out to enjoy the lovely fall colors before all the leaves fall down.

Living in a place with four seasons, reminds me every year of how fast time goes by. It seems like just yesterday I moved to Toronto, but this week I celebrated my 5th anniversary in the city. Grateful for all that the city has brought me since I’ve made that move. Not sure if I’ll be staying in Toronto forever, but there’s a really great energy in the city these days. With now a new (and hopefully much better) mayor leading the 4th biggest city in North America, I have high hopes that Toronto will continue to thrive and develop into an even greater place. Really happy to call Toronto my home!



Photos by Aleyah Solomon

Wish black dress

Gap plaid scarf

The Kooples Faux Python Embossed Boots (get them here)

Urban Outfitters knee high socks

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