Peony Tattoo For Mom

Many of you have been asking about my new Dr. Woo tattoo that I got at Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood two weeks ago. It has finally healed so I’m thrilled to post some pics of it. I decided to get a peony for my mom that was inspired by artwork from Langley Fox. I had the opportunity to first get tattooed by Dr. Woo in June of last year. He is hands down the raddest tattoo artist I’ve ever met. I was so thrilled that he found time in his schedule to make this super significant tattoo happen for me. Growing up my mother had peony bushes all around the house. They would always bloom right around my birthday and her birthday (we’re only a few days apart!) in June. She would always put some bouquets around the house, in my bedroom or would give us some to bring to our school teachers. Every year, without fail, this beautiful flower came out right in time for our birthdays. I’ve always associated this flower with my mom. So instead of getting her name tattooed, I wanted to get something just as beautiful as she is and that would remind me constantly of my hero. Thanks so much Brian for gifting me this beautiful piece of art, I’m forever grateful! I love you mom!

photo 2 (70)

photo 1 (75)


  1. Hi Mel!

    Love the delicate details of Dr. Woo’s work- your peony is stunning! Would you happen to know a tattoo artist here in Toronto who can do small delicate tattoos as well?
    Thanks! xxPatti

    1. I know Chino is really well reputed in Toronto, also the artistes at Pearl Harbour are also super talented. Other than that, I don’t know too many very reputed artists here. Lot’s in NYC, so not too far away. Really also depends on the style and what you’re going for. Hope that helps! Cheers!

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