Reach and Recharge

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The month of August is drawing to a close. For many, this also means the end of summer vacation, going back to work, going back to school and also the start of fall.

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I always take this time of year to recharge my batteries, set intentions for the fall and get ready for the upcoming months. The fall is always a time of renewal but also a lot of stress for me. The end of summer, always makes me anxious, as it’s my favorite season. For me, summer is synonym with the sunshine, relaxation, the ocean and surf, so the thought of that coming to an end always makes me feel a little uneasy. I’m always apprehensive about the fall, because it also means the days are getting shorter, the weather will get colder and winter is unfortunately looming.

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This summer, I found the Reach and Recharge yoga workout from Nike Master Trainer Traci Copeland, which has allows me to calm down and stay focused. It’s a 30 minute workout that will suit any level of yogi. I like the mix of poses (Warrior series, chair pose, child’s pose) and the inclusion of some NTC moves that I’m familiar with (Core plank twist, push ups, etc). I hope that through doing these types of workouts and a bit of breathing/meditation, will help calm my nerves leading into the fall.

What do you do to recharge at the end of the summer?

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