Road to Nike Women’s 15k – Week 8


Week recap:

Another week bites the dust! Can’t believe this is recap for week 8! Started off the week with a sweaty 10k morning run on Monday with the #betterforit ladies. As we’re approaching the race, we’re really pushing our limits and making the most of every training session we have. This week, I decided to take a few more rest days, since I can really feel my body starting to fatigue. I did a quick 5k on Wednesday, followed by NTC  class on Thursday morning. This past weekend, I really lacked motivation, I know the cold and the rain really had a lot to do with it. Sunday afternoon came around and I had yet to go out for the long 15k run I had been planning on doing. I mustered up every bit of motivation I had in me and headed out for a solo run in the rainstorm. I wasn’t sure how long I would last but to my utter surprise, it ended up being the longest run I’ve ever done in my entire life. I ran 16k! I think the fact that I was alone and that there was almost no one else running, I felt like I had something to prove. Not to anyone else, just to myself. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I didn’t want to let the rain, the cold, the fact that I was alone, the fact that my hip started hurting and the fact that my phone died and music shut off close to the end, stop me from attaining my goal. I really used this run as meditation. The whole time I was running, I kept telling myself how proud I was of my progress and how far I had come. It wasn’t easy but the satisfaction I got at the end was so worth it!!

How I’m feeling:

I was feeling great until the run on Sunday where my inner and outer upper thigh started hurting. I’ve been icing the area and have been told to take a cold bath, so that will be on my to-do list for this coming week. Like I had mentioned in last week’s blog, the last thing you want, this close to the finish line, is to get injured!

What I’ve learned:

Running in cold weather and rain is way easier than running in heat. Had I known that running in the rain would have been so enjoyable (minus the drenched socks and shoes), I would totally have gone out for rainy runs more often. I’ve always been a girl that loves heat but running in heat is something that I’m just not good at, especially when it’s hot and humid. I know all of our bodies are different but I’m particularly bad at dealing with extreme heat and working out… Unless I’m surfing 😉 I remember running when it was -20C out during the winter and though that was very “extreme” to some, thinking back, it now seems a lot easier than running in the heat. Things that have helped me with running in the heat: wearing a light colored cap (it keeps my head cool), wearing sunglasses and also hydrating A TON the day prior.


You can do it! As cheesy as this sounds, I’ve learned that you and I, we can do it! We can run this 15k. We’ve been training for close to 10 weeks now and our bodies and minds can handle it. No matter what life throws at us from now until race day, we will cross that finish line. Attitude is everything and I learned that this weekend, when I got out the door to run my longest run yet. If you tell yourself you can do something, you will be able to do it. Plus with all the great prep we’ve been doing, there’s no reason not to! Keep your spirits positive as we get near the end of this journey, it will be so incredibly helpful!


photo credit: Jess Baumung

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