RUDYBOIS presents Antithesis-Cecile

Today, one of my favorite up and coming designers from Quebec City, RUDYBOIS is launching his Fall/Winter 2013 collection called “Antithesis-Cecile“.  He describes his new collection as:

a contradictory state of mind to what happens in real life. On one side, unconditional love and wisdom. On the other, craziness on the verge of dementia, where rigid powder blue angora meets fluid temptation black silk. RUDYBOIS’s women, always dramatic and pragmatic, have to face their demons.

Below you’ll find a little sneak peek from his new collection.  I’m absolutely in love with it!

rudybois-05-127_02 rudybois-04-069_02


I have much respect for this 23-year-old French Canadian designer. He graduated from fashion marketing in 2011 and launched his first womenswear collection in August of 2012.  Last fall, when I was looking for a dress for the ADISQ red carpet and gala he had approached me on twitter.  After sending a few emails back and forth, he drove from Quebec City to bring me a dress from his Spring/Summer 2013 collection for the gala.  Not only was the dress a perfect fit for my body, it was also extremely elegant, original and super comfortable. I loved my cape dress! I got so many compliments at the gala from artists and guests present, I was really excited to be wearing one of his creations (see the look below).  RUDYBOIS is not only a talented designer but a very savy marketer who is wise way beyond his years.  His Spring/Sumer 2013 collection was recently purchased by one of the biggest retailers in Quebec – Simons.


The future is very bright for this young man.  He will officially be launching his Antithesis-Cecile collection at 4pm EST today on his website: I invite you to go take a look!



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