Running During Allergy Season

Reactine7Spring is without a doubt my favourite time of year to run in Toronto. It is the ideal temperature for longer and more frequent runs. Some of my favourite places to go for longer runs in the city in the spring are on the Martin Goodman Trail, the Don River Trail and the Eastern Beaches Trail, just to name a few.

Reactine8Reactine11Alternatively, if you’re looking for great outdoor tracks, there is one located at Lansdowne and Lumbervale Ave. that is rarely occupied. The Eugene Melnyk Sports Field located right next to the St-Clair West subway station also has an outdoor track. Another option is the Queens Park loop, though not quite a track it is still a great place to work on speed and shorter distances.

Reactine2Reactine1With spring come longer days, warmer weather and blooming flowers. That also coincidentally means the return of pollen as well as allergies for many. Pollen and allergies definitely don’t mix and can make running or just being outdoors extremely difficult.

There are several ways to reduce the effects of allergies on your runs.

The first is by carefully choosing when to go out for a run, as pollen levels vary throughout the day. Early morning and end of day is usually when pollen count is the lowest. Furthermore, pollen count is often the lowest after a big downpour or on less windy days. Be aware of your local pollen forecast by following @ReactineCA on Twitter.


Reactine9Another thing that can help is what you wear as pollen tends to stick to your hair, your face and your clothes. Wearing big sunglasses that cover up your face as well as tying your hair back can help. Furthermore, changing your clothes and showering immediately after you get back from your run can be helpful.

Additionally, REACTINE®’s NaturEase all natural nasal spray can offer extra help when nasal symptoms are the worst, helping not only to reduce symptoms of a dry, irritated nose but also maintaining healthy sinuses. NatureEase helps clear irritants from the nasal passage, soothes against irritation and helps support natural defenses. This nasal saline spray does not replace allergy medicine but can be used as a complement to REACTINE® pills as part of your defense toolkit.

Reactine3Running has undeniably become an essential part of my life. Because I often travel, running has allowed me to stay fit while on the road and also get to know cities a whole lot better. I spent 8 weeks on a tour bus traveling across 13 Canadian cities in the fall and running helped me stay focused and healthy throughout. Running has also helped me get to know my own city a whole lot better.

My first race of the year is just under a month away, so I have a lot of running to do from now until then. I hope you will also be inspired to bring out your running shoes this spring and go running, no matter where you may be!

For more information on REACTINE, please consult and follow @ReactineCA on Twitter for the daily pollen forecasts.

This post was sponsored by the makers of REACTINE®.  All opinions are true and are my own.

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