Running in New Terrain


Keeping a running routine while traveling isn’t always easy. To be quite honest, I’m always a little intimidated when I arrive in a city I’ve never been to. It’s hard to sometimes know where are the best places to run and to keep your training game on point, especially when trying to clock a lot of miles. So I enlisted the help of the Nike+ Run Club‘s coach in Toronto Rejean Chiasson who shared his tips for running while on the road.

Rejean’s Top 5 running tips when training in a new location and unknown terrain:

One of the amazing things about running is that it allows you to explore new cities, locations and unknown areas. I’m always looking for new areas to explore both in the city and along my travels so I wanted to share my top five running tips when running in a new location.

Plan your route. The Nike+ Running App is a great tool to help you create new routes as you embark on a new running adventure. It also helps you track your KMs clocked and pace as you tackle the route.

Find a local Nike+ Run Club to join. Running with a community gives you the motivation and helps you push your boundaries. Not to mention, the Coaches and Pacers know the city, so you’re likely in for a treat in exploring some of the best routes.

Try Something new. Running in a new city is a great excuse to do something new. Push your boundaries, run on the beach, plan your route around tourist must-see’s or end your run at a must-try city hotspot.

Dress appropriately. When running in new cities or areas, often times we don’t plan accordingly. One of the biggest distractions when running is not dressing properly. Remember to pay attention to the terrain you’re running on and wear the proper shoes (i.e. if you’re on a trail, don’t forget to wear your trail shoes). At the same time, it’s just as important to pay attention to the weather, you don’t want to over or under dress. Remember, it’s best to dress like it’s 10 degrees warmer when running.

Enjoy the route! Don’t forget to take in the views, scenery and all that the new route has to offer.

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