People in Toronto LOVE their spin studios. Spinning has become the latest trend to hit the 6ix. Though a little behind American cities like Los Angeles and New York, the spin craze has hit the city hard since the beginning of 2016. The latest and greatest studio to open up on the city is SPINCO, located at Yonge and Eglington.


Originally from Kelowna, the brand new Toronto studio is their second location and they are planning on opening up a third in November in Victoria, BC. As for what separates SPINCO from other spin studios, their founder Michelle August explains “SPINCO’S experience is one of a kind, from the moment you walk through our doors to the last sweat dripping pedal stroke. Magic happens in that room and we see it leak into our riders and into our community, once the momentum starts it’s impossible to stop,” she says, while adding, “Our instructors go through an extensive training over the course of a number of months. We want every rider to have the confidence in all of our instructors, to have the ability to take any class knowing they are going to get a killer workout, knowing there instructor is filled with fire and ready to push them through there 50mins of work… It’s basically a party on a bike.” 


SPINCO is all about building a community of riders and cycle enthusiast in the city and have already partnered up with a local favorite Peace Collective on a cool collaboration. “By joining forces we think we can make a major impact in some lives of underprivileged children. Aside from our clothing, our main focus as partners will be our ‘Spin-It-Forward’ classes, happening every Monday night at 6:30pm. Spin-It-Forward is a class by donation with 100% of the proceeds in support of the Peace Foundation. Peace Foundation supports the Boys and girls Clubs of Canada in providing weekly access to recreational sports to Canadian children,” explains Michelle.


In addition to great cycle classes, riders will also be able to fuel up pre and post-class with some healthy juices, smoothies and bowls made from local companies.

So next time you’re looking to get your cycle fix, try out the new SPINCO studio!

Want to know more? Check them out here.

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