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Opened less than a month ago, Toronto’s brand new cycle studio SPOKEHAÜS brings some much needed energy and variety to Toronto’s spin scene.

This bright and airy modern spin studio is located right in downtown Toronto. The space is small but makes the most of its size. You will find a full changing room for both men and women equipped with showers, mirrors, sinks and great beauty & hair products for post-workout. The space is also equipped with lockers and cubbyholes for boots and additional personal items.






The studio itself is lined with brand new state of the art SCHWINN bikes. There are 35 bikes in the space (which makes it just a tad crammed, especially when comes time for arm exercises and stretching) set up like a typical spin studio. Big candles are also lit on the podium where the instructor rides.


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Classes are taught by a handful of instructors, all of whom offer a completely different style and selection of music. SPOKEHAÜS has 9 different instructors currently teaching classes at the studio. Classes are offered in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. Up to 5 classes are taught every day and each class lasts 45mins.

I had the chance to check out a class with the founder of the space Christine Tessaro as well as with Derek Friday. Both had unique ways of teaching and breaking down the class. Depending on the class and instructor, you will do a variety of drills through choreographed movements that will result in a full-body cardio workout. The classes will work out your core, legs, butt, arms and heart.

It’s hard not to compare the classes I’ve taken at SPOKEHAÜS with classes I’ve taken in Los Angeles at SoulCycle and Cycle House (which are my two favorites!) and other spin studios across North America. I think SPOKEHAÜS has all the ingredients needed to become a successful studio.


Everyone at the studio is incredibly friendly and welcoming. They will provide you with shoes (if you don’t already have your own) and will help you set up your bike. It’s the perfect place to workout, whether you’re new at the sport or a seasoned veteran. You will sweat up a storm, I guarantee it!

For more info on SPOKEHAÜS, go here. They are located at 70 Dan Leckie Way, Toronto.

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