Spring Flowers #DailyOutfit

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I was stoked to spend most of mine outdoors, it was so beautiful out in Toronto. I saw an excellent show on Friday night – Half Moon Run. The band played in front of a sold-out crowd at the Horseshoe Tavern, a crowd that was dancing the whole time and singing all of their lyrics. The band seemed thrilled by the audience’s reaction. What a great show they put on!


Today we’re shooting yet another episode of BRBR, there are only a handful left. Our season ends at the beginning of May. Can’t believe we’ve shot almost 30 episodes!

I’m not someone who usually wears a lot of flower prints but I decided to bring them out this morning, due to the lovely weather we had this past weekend.  I combined a print tee with my rad new Luxe Craving Raindrop necklace and my new OIA Jules metallic leather wrap bracelet.

Wishing you all a lovely Monday! xo

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H&M Black Jacket (get it here)

H&M flower tee (similar one here)

H&M Skinny Low Ankle Jeans (get them here)

Luxe Craving The Raindrop in Jet Black (get it here)

OIA Jules Metallic Leather & Gold Ring Wrap Bracelet (get it here)

80%20 Callie leather boots (get them here)


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