Summer Running Essentials

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Lot’s of running plans for the summer so I figured I would share with you some of my go-to running essentials for the season. All runners have gear, fuel and hydration preferences but hopefully this can help those still trying to figure out their running routine!


1) Shoes

When I’m going for speed: Nike Zoom Elite 8 – I tried them on the track last week and they proved to have a great kick to them. Did you know they have a mini airbag like structure in the heel? The cushioning in the heel is very responsive to your stride and the pressure you apply to it.


When I’m going for distance: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 – I’ve been taking these out for a spin on my longer runs. They’re a neutral shoe but give your feet all the support they need. I particularly like the fact that you can adjust the entire shoe with the flywire cables. The Pegasus shoes are very breathable so they don’t make my feet overheat.


2) The gear

With the weather being so warm these days, I’m keeping my running gear light. These training shorts are great for NTC workouts but also for running because they’re very light and keep me super dry during the run. I also like that the waistband keeps the shorts from moving around when I run. A proper fitting sports bra is also a must. This one is good for any kind of workout and if you’re not too top heavy, you can also take it out running. I never run without a running hat. It keeps the sweat from rolling down my face, my hair in place and protects my head from harmful UV rays.


3) Energy & Hydration

NUUN Active – These tablets are my go-to for pre and post run hydration when I’m on the go. I just drop one in a bottle of water and they give me all the electrolytes needed without the sugar or carbs. These packs are also great for traveling.

VEGA Electrolyte Hydrator – Is specifically designed for sports. It’s an all natural and plant based powder. I love adding this to water immediately after I run. The powder isn’t too sweet and is packed with electrolytes.

Perfect Bar – It’s important to get lot’s of protein when running and these Perfect Bars have become the thing I love eating the most right after a run. They immediately give my body natural sugar, carbs and protein without giving it the bad stuff. I like that all of their bars are handmade in San Diego and that they’re all natural, NON-GMO, Gluten Free and a good source of Super Foods. My favorite kind is the Peanut Butter bar!


 What are your summer running essentials?

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  1. Incredible! Glad that you were able to meet Kelsey and that she got you on the Hydrator! I can’t just drink plain water anymore – and I LOVE water!! haha.
    What a wonderful post!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Trevor! Happy to have the Hydrator with me for the summer! Great for running and all the other things I’m up to 🙂

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