5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling


1) Look up grocery stores or markets in advance. I was recently traveling to Regina and Winnipeg, two cities that aren’t renown for the healthiest food options. Knowing that, I decided to look up in advance the areas I would be staying in to see if there were any organic or local markets I could shop at while I was there. Sometimes, there won’t necessarily be some healthy grocery options in your area so you’ll have to make due with what’s available. For example, while we were in the prairies, our hotels were only close to a Safeway, which isn’t the best grocery store chain but they did have a few organic and healthy food options. It was a lot more expensive than let’s say in Toronto, but even if the groceries were a bit pricier, you always end up saving money by buying groceries instead of going out to eat.


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2) Pack snacks and lunches. If you have the luxury of bringing a cooler or a lunch box while you’re traveling, bring one with you. If not, pack a few Tupperware¬†containers or re-usable bags that you can use to pack some snacks or lunches with you while you’re traveling. It’s also a good idea to travel with a canteen, so that you can always drink water instead of buying water bottles, sodas, juices, etc. I always pack snacks or a lunch, depending on how long my flight is when I’m traveling. Airport food is always SO expensive and also there are very few airports that actually have healthy organic snacks available. Granted, so do! Airports like San Francisco, Paris, London, Vienna and even Toronto do now have some healthy options for food but most of them don’t.

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3) Ask for a mini fridge in your room. Most hotels in North America will carry mini fridges in their rooms, which is perfect when you’re staying somewhere for a while. Having a mini¬†fridge will allow you to buy things from the grocery store like fresh fruit, veggies, yogourt and milk that you can use for your breakfast, to make lunches, etc. Having a fridge will also allow you to save a lot of money, by not going out. In addition, you’ll be able to control what you eat and what you put in your body! Also, if you are making food at the hotel, there’s always the possibility of asking for cutlery or even dishes at the front desk or the hotel’s restaurant, that you can re-use every day. If you’re staying in an airbnb, instead of a hotel, chances are they’ll have a fridge and full kitchen, which is even more awesome than a hotel room!

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4) Pack your workout clothes and a pair of sneakers. If you’re traveling to a warm’ish place (like basically anywhere but the prairies in February), lace up and go for a run. You can map out your run in advance either using the Nike + running app or your app of choice. It’s a great way to also see the city you’re in. If you’re also traveling to a big city, chances are they’ll have a local run club that you can join depending on what days you’re in the city. Nike has run clubs in many big cities around the world and they’re always free to join.

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If you’re staying in a hotel chain, chances are they’ll have a gym or even a pool. While I was recently traveling to the prairies, both of the hotels I was staying at had potentially the WORST gyms I had even seen. They only have 1 or 2 machines, no free weights and no space to do exercise beside the machines. As a result, I didn’t use their gym facilities as often as I would have liked. Luckily, on my phone I have the free NTC app (there are lot’s of other free similar apps and videos available for working out) so I was able to get a few workouts in, in my hotel room. Also, packing something like a skipping rope or rubber bands can be very useful if the gym isn’t your thing. Skipping for a few minutes is always great cardio exercise and great for your arms. Another alternative is if you’ve got a gym membership with one of the big gym chains in the country, chances are, there may be a branch of that gym where you’re staying.

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5) Walk. If you don’t feel like hitting the gym, you forgot your bathing suit, you have no space to exercise in your room or you don’t feel like it, go for a walk. It’s a great way to explore the area you’re staying in and also a great way to get a bit of exercise in. If possible, walk to get groceries, walk to get to where you’re working or visiting, etc. Walking will always be better than no exercise at all. It’s always a good thing to get fresh air, maybe listen to some tunes and relax. It’s a great way to air out your ideas and get inspired for whatever’s next on your travel agenda!

Hope these tips were helpful! Share with me some of your healthy travel tips!