LA Theater District


The architecture in downtown LA is absolutely gorgeous! The Theater District is my favorite area of town because it is filled with tons of gems from the golden age of Hollywood.


These past couple of years, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time discovering some of the beautiful architecture left from that time, imagining what it was probably like in the early to mid 20th century. I can only imagine big Hollywood premiers or elegant soirées and plays being held in some of these stunning theaters.


If you are to venture down to the Theater District, some of my favorite buildings to check out are the Palace Theater, Orpheum Theater, Cameo Theater and Roxie Theater, which are located on Broadway. They are just as pretty inside as they are outside. I think the fact that they are a little run down gives them even more charm. I’m happy to see that a lot of them are still being used today for different reasons.


A must-see if you’re in the area!

Photos by: Laci Havens

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Aga Khan Museum


The architecture of this place is what had me wanting to go for a visit for quite some time now. The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto is something else. I couldn’t believe that such a unique place was located just north of downtown. When you visit the Aga Khan Museum you feel like you’ve been transported in a completely different world, a futurist world that is. I love the shape of the building, its clean lines as well as white and grey stones. I hope I’ll get to return to this magical place in the near future.





Photos by: @Offner

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Happy Easter

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Happy Easter guys! Though Easter doesn’t actually mean much to me personally, I’m grateful for the day off. This weekend is all about relaxing, enjoying being home and planning for upcoming travels.

I’m beyond excited to be going to Japan at the end of May (one of my lifelong dreams, one more thing to cross off the bucket list, yay!) but in the meantime, I also have to plan a trip to NYC and LA. So there’s a lot of booking and organizing to do in the next couple of weeks. These past couple of weekends, have been so incredibly busy for me with traveling, planning, writing, etc. I’m hoping this extra day off will allow me to unwind a bit as well.

One thing’s for sure, I’m pretty darn stoked to be home for the weekend and will make the most of it.

Now off to brunch in the hood wearing my new favorite BENCH dress, it’s truly the best thing to wear on the weekend!

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Photos by: @Offner

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Time Flies

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Is it just me or did January fly by? It feels like the first month of the year went by in a flash. I usually hate January but I honestly didn’t really feel it this year. Maybe it was because I was busier than ever, maybe it’s because it wasn’t that cold in Toronto or maybe it’s because I’ve changed my outlook on winter. Whatever combination of things it was, I’m grateful the year is off to such a great start.

Everyone I’ve been talking to lately is all about making 2016 “their” year, making it a year of positivity, go-getting, etc. I think it’s so inspiring to see that and be surrounded by such motivated individuals.

If time keeps flying by, it’ll be summer in no-time!

Wearing some of my favorite winter items on today’s post. The leopard coat just keeps coming back every year, I just can’t seem to get enough. Love this new BENCH scarf and hat as well as this new KOMONO watch.

How was your January? Is your year off to a great start?

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Photos by: @Offner

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Cozy Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re having the most wonderful day surrounded by your loved ones. There’s nothing I love more on Christmas than being cozy. This pompom hat and knit sweater is the coziest outfit combination. All I want to do is crawl up by a fireplace and enjoy some yummy homemade food.





This Christmas is a little different for us because we’re spending it away from our families in Los Angeles. We’re getting all the last minute preparation done before our big day, which is exactly one week away.

Hope this day fills you up with joy and laughter. Wishing you and yours, the most magical Christmas day!




Photos by: @Offner

What I’m wearing: BENCH Ohsochic Bobble Beanie (get it here), BENCH Display Loose Jumper (similar one here), Zara studded boots, Anine Bing boyfriend jeans.


Takeback Dress


I spent lot’s of time in Vancouver during the last two weeks and those who know Vancouver know that in the fall, it’s bound to rain. I’m not usually a fan of rain but the rain in Vancouver is quite magical. I’m not sure if it’s the mountains around the city, the low clouds or the ocean that makes the rain more romantic for me but it definitely makes me feel different than in Toronto.



The one feeling that I do get whenever it rains, is that I want to cuddle up, be warm, read a book, drink tea and snuggle by a fireplace (if only I had access to one more often!). Feeling cozy in what I’m wearing is also super important. I couldn’t think of a better dress to wear on a rainy day in Vancouver than Bench‘s Takeback Dress.





It was the perfect thing to wear on my stroll across the city to explore the Davie Street Village, which was right by where we were staying last weekend. I also got to see the Bute and Davie St. rainbow-coloured crosswalk that was unveiled for Vancouver’s Pride Week celebrations two years ago. What a great idea to have a permanent rainbow crosswalk, the first in Canada and one with so much meaning. Props to Vancouver for being the first ones to do that.



Photos by @Offner

What I’m wearing: Bench Takeback Dress (get it here)

Exploring BC


I spent the past two weeks exploring beautiful British Columbia. What makes BC so special is that they’ve got it all. They have the mountains, the ocean, nature, the city and also small villages. It’s a truly stunning place to spend time in. Just on this trip, I saw whales, seals, sealions, bald eagles, countless birds, etc.

After having spent the past two months traveling non-stop across the country, it was nice to finally get some time off in BC to explore nature and get away from the bustle.

I’m thrilled to share with you in the coming weeks, a series of travel and fitness blogs on this magnificent province.

As I write this post, I’m waiting for my flight back to Toronto and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t going to seriously miss this place. I hope I won’t have to wait another 3 years before heading back to beautiful British Columbia!










Photos by @Offner

What I’m wearing: Sanuk Siena Boot (get it here), Bench Onetimer III Jacket (get it here).

Ottawa Hood


I love exploring new hoods, especially when traveling. This past weekend, I spent some time in Ottawa. It was the first time I spent time off in this city since I was a kid. I’m usually always running around working, so it was nice to actually get time to explore the different hoods.

I always thought that Ottawa lacked character and was a little boring yet this weekend, I happily discovered that the food and culture is slowly developing in the city. There are some great new restaurants and coffee shops around Bank, Nepean and Elgin St, like North and Navy, The Ministry of Coffee, etc. There definitely seems to be a movement towards good local food, kind of like Toronto. It made me happy to see.

Excited to see the city grow and I look forward to explore even more next time I’m in town!








Photos by @Offner

Bench Onetimer III Jacket (get it here)

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Dress for Fall


Fall is here and I’ve found the perfect dress for the season. A dress that will keep me warm while still looking stylish. Not a big fan of tights so I will keep rocking the bare legs for a little while longer, hopefully I can keep doing so as I cross the country from east to west for the next seven weeks. Hopefully we won’t be running into snow along the way… Fingers crossed! This dress will be perfect for staying in and cozying up on colder days but also for dressing it up with a pair of boots or even heels! Plus, the best part, it has a hood! It has now become my indispensable dress for the fall!

Will you keep rocking dresses this season?




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Photos by @Offner

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Beach Bum

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Well… after a lengthy day, 2 days of traveling, we finally made it to Europe. The 9 hours of jet lag definitely has me feeling a little funky but I knew that going to the ocean today would be the best thing to get me feeling energized again.

FullSizeRender (33)

FullSizeRender (30)

No surfing for today, just enjoying the lovely waves, the sun and the beautiful Côte Basque scenery. Some days, it’s nice to be a beach bum, I rarely get the chance to just lay by the beach so I’m making the most of it!

FullSizeRender (35)

FullSizeRender (37)

Excited to be heading to the #ProAnglet surf competition later this week. Got any recommendations for the Côte Basque? Send them my way!

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Photos by @Offner

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