Chic Weekend #DailyOutfit

It’s officially the weekend!! BBQ, run, brunch, friends, music… what’s on your program this weekend? T – 1 week before Europe!! Beyond excited!!

Make sure you check back on the blog tomorrow to read my newest 5 Questions With interview of the week! Here’s this week’s hint: Los Angeles!

For today’s outfit, I’m layering some of my favorite dainty gold necklaces with my Song of Style x eLUXE #DoEpicChic tee plus some grey leopard pants!



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Photos by @Offner

Do Epic Chic tee Song of Style for eLUXE (get it here)

H&M chambray buttoned-up shirt

Steve Madden ECNTRC-C flats (get them here)

H&M grey leopard print pants

Verameat Peace Hand necklace (get it here)

Wave necklace from Etsy


Roar #DailyOutfit

This week, Katy Perry launched/leaked two new singles, one with her on and off again beau John Mayer, a sappy love song called “Who You Love” as well as her already hit new single “Roar”. I’ve always been a fan of Katy’s music, I love her colorful pop and the magical universe that she transports her listeners into. It reminds me of my childhood and can always put a smile on my face. I thoroughly enjoyed her music DVD Part Of Me. I watched on Christmas eve last December while I was at London Heathrow waiting for a flight to Montreal for the holidays after having spent a magical ten days in France. For some reason, the DVD really got to me and I really starting appreciating Katy Perry even more. Though I usually always talk about up and coming artists and maybe less commercial tracks, I think there’s nothing wrong with also liking top 40 artists and big pop stars. I’d say Katy Perry is probably one of my current favorite pop darlings along with Rihanna and Beyoncé. What can I say, I’m kind of a sucker for a good catchy track.

Today’s daily outfit is inspired by “Roar”! If you haven’t heard the track yet, here’s her emoticon lyric video for the track:


Zara Biker Jacket with zips (similar one here)

Zara silk leopard tank 

TOPSHOP Aztec Jacquard Bodycon Skirt (get it here)

Verameat Peace Hand necklace (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Verameat vampire crown ring (get it here)

Lionette Gilmore bracelet (to order please go here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Steve Madden leather booties (similar ones here)

This Week’s Ear Candy

Alright, I know… I’ve slacked for way too long. It’s pathetic! I could list a few reasons why but none of them are really good excuses. So I decided to cut the slacking and start blogging again. Twice a week – Friday’s for the week’s ear candy and Tuesdays on travels, fashion, food, surfing, etc. So here we go, for this week’s Ear Candy:

On Thursday, one of my favorite Montreal-based singer-songwriters Peter Peter released a brand new video for his excellent track “Une version améliorée de la tristese”. Since his record was released in September, I feel like it has stayed a little too much under the radar. It’s a solid record from start to finish, so I really hope that more people will discover him. I know this record has what it takes to make this year’s Polaris Prize Long List and hopefully Short List as well. I’m really excited because he is one of the artists that will be performing at my tv show‘s first ever Canadian Music Fest showcase. It’s still a secret though, so you’re getting the scoop right here!! All the deets will be revealed soon. In the meantime, here’s his super hipster-looking but great new video for the title track off his record “Une version améliorée de la tristesse”

Earlier in the week, I discovered a great tune from an LA-based band called Cold Showers. They released in October their brand new record Love and Regret.  The band reminds me of a cross between The National and Bloc Party. I love the singer’s deep voice.  The band will be doing some tour dates in the winter across the states. I bet they’re a great act to see live! Here’s their brand new video for “BC”

Really dug the new Beach Fossils track that they released earlier this week called “Careless”. I had heard of the band before but had never really taken the time to give them a proper listen but with this song, I definitely did.  Beach Fossils is the solo project of Dustin Payseur, a musician from Brooklyn, NY. Their latest release Clash the Truth is excellent.  Listen to “Careless” here:

And just as an added bonus, here’s a great remix that I fell in love with today. Pacific Air remixed’ St.Lucia‘s lovely track “All Eyes On You”. It’s the perfect Friday afternoon track:

Wishing you all a splendid weekend! Back next week, with some new tunes for you!

Mel xo