Top 5 Juiceries in Canada

FullSizeRender(3)A few months ago I had the opportunity to travel to 13 cities across Canada. Those who have been following my blog, may have seen the #13Cities13Runs series that I posted (in case you missed it, check it out here). In each city that I stopped in, I also made it a point to try some of the best cold-pressed juices.

I’m lucky to live in a city like Toronto, where cold-pressed juice is everywhere you look, that said not every city across Canada offers as much selection. The good news is more and more cities are jumping onto the juice bandwagon and opening up juiceries across the country. Here are my favorite 5 juiceries from my trip across Canada:

j11j10j12j95) Rawsome Juice BarCharlottetown was one of my first stops on my cross-Canadian tour and I was delighted to find that this small island had a great local cold-pressed juicery. Located in a small industrial building right by the main street in downtown Charlottetown, Rawsome Juice Bar is run by two amazing folks that serve up both cold-pressed juices and smoothies. Their juices are available for pick up at their production office and also at several local coffee shops and stores. If ever you stop by, check out their Matcha Green Tea shake or Wakeup Juice, two perfect options to get your day going!

FullSizeRenderIMG_6081FullSizeRender(1)4) Green Carrot Juice Company – By the time I made it to Winnipeg, I was feeling super sick. My first stop in the city was the Green Carrot Juice Co., where I stocked up on nourish shots and a bunch of juices that I hoped would bring me back to health. Low and behold, these juices were a huge help! I love that spot not only for their amazing selection of juices, shots, smoothies but also for their acai bowls, sandwiches, salads and healthy sweets. I stayed in the city for a couple of days and returned to the juicery every morning! My favorites: Fix Me Up shot , Monkey Business smoothie, 24 Carrot and Summer Squeeze juice.

j6FullSizeRender(2)3) Thrive Juice Co. – I had heard of Thrive Juice Co. even before I got to Saskatoon through social media and was thrilled to be able to check it out. Their super clean and modern looking shop is super inviting and a space you want to hang out in. I love their branding and big glass bottles. If you stop by, check out: Matcha Mylk, Awaken and Black Lemonade.

j3j22) CRU JuiceCalgary was a major food discovery for me this fall. This was my first real stay in the city and I was so impressed with its selection of healthy eats and juiceries. My favorite was hands down CRU Juice. I love their way of labelling and organizing their juices. Their flavours are also original and unique, offering something different than most juiceries out there. I love that they not only have greens but also citrus, fruits, roots and nut mylks to choose from. My favorites: F3: Blue My Mind, N3: Stone-Cold Rosso and F1: Pumped Up Kicks.


j51) The Juice Truck – This Vancouver juicery makes it to the top of my list because The Juice Truck is so much more than just a juicery. The guys behind this rad spot have created not only healthy food and juices for the city but also a community of people. Their actual Juice Truck is usually located in Gastown during the day. It’s where you can pick up juices, smoothies, delicious salads, rolls, puddings and more! In addition to their truck, they also have a cool little shop in East Van. It’s not only a place to grab food and juices but also an event space. I actually took a fitness class while I was there. They also offer movie screenings, baby classes, lectures, etc. If you’re in the area, you must make time to check these guys out. My favorites: The Spicy Apple juice, The Almost Chocolate smoothie and The Winter Hearty Salad.

Honorable mentions also go out to: GLOW Juice in Edmonton, Urban Juice Press in Ottawa, Krokodile Pear in Vancouver and The Juicery Co. in Vancouver.

5 Things to do in PEI


Prince Edward Island is the land of Anne of Green Gables, a haven for redheads. PEI has always held a special place in my heart for obvious reasons. My first visit to PEI dates back to my childhood, I was 11 to be exact. I spent two weeks on the beautiful island during my grade 5 summer vacation. I had been wanting to return to this magical island for a while now and finally got to do so this fall. There are so many amazing things to do on the island, so here are a few recommendations.


1) Visit Tea Cup rock – Located on the North Shore of PEI, this little known wonder of is a few kms walk from the Twin Shores Campground in Darnley. To get to the rock, you’ll have to walk a good 15-20 mins on Darnley beach. The walk to the rock is absolutely stunning, the wild beaches of PEI are quiet and peaceful. You’ll cross a lighthouse and walk passed several sand dunes. The Tea Cup rock itself is best seen when the tide is low and the water is calm. The entire area is incredibly picturesque. It was my discovery of the trip.





2) Grab a juice from Rawsome Juice Bar – This small local juicery is located right in downtown Charlottetown, just off the main strip. You’ll find the Juice Bar at the back of a yoga/fitness studio in a small local. This is where they make all of their juices and also smoothies. Everyone that works at Rawsome is incredibly kind. In addition to juices and smoothies, they also offer cleanses. If you can’t make it to their shop, you can find some of their juices at different retailers across the island. The “Wakeup” Juice was without a doubt my favorite!






3) Eat at Terre Rouge – This Charlottetown bistro is at the top of everyone’s best restaurant list in the area. The restaurant’s motto – use local products and support local producers. Their farm-to-table menu is refreshing and unique to the area. In addition to being a bistro, Terre Rouge also serves as a marché where people can come in and buy bread, artisanal cheese, organic vegetables, charcuterie, etc. Everything we ate at the restaurant was delicious. My favorite dish was their cheese platter.






4) Grab a coffee from The Kettle Black – Located on Queen St. in Charlottetown, Kettle Black is the perfect place to grab coffee, read a book or work on your laptop in a cozy setting. They’ve got a great selection of teas, coffee and homemade snacks. I spent a couple of afternoons there while I was in the city because it was so inviting.




5) Explore the island – Though Charlottetown is the island’s main attraction, there are so many other amazing places to explore on the island. If you’re a fan of Anne of Green Gables, you’ll want to make your way to Cavendish to visit the famous Anne of Green Gables house from the movies. If you’re a fan of Road to Avonlea, you can also explore the Avonlea by the Sea area and see one of the houses from the 90s CBC television series. The Argyle Shores south of the island are also breathtaking. Though the parks are closed after summer, the beaches are still accessible by foot. There is also the Malpeque area, home of the popular Oyster Barn and the local fishing village.