Rainy Vibes #DailyOutfit

I’m sending rainy vibes to my friends and all the people living in the Carlsbad area in Southern California tonight, who have had to evacuate due to fires. Tons of rain has been pouring down on Toronto for the past couple of weeks and I would do anything to trade all this rain for sunshine and send it to where people need it the most. Carlsbad, Encinitas, San Marcos and all of the surrounding cities are some of my favorite places on earth. My thoughts are with you all at the moment!

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Photos by @Offner

Free People Key Pendant

Club Monaco Sonica Double-Knit Legging

H&M black oversized blazer (similar one here)

H&M shimmery oversized tee 

Anine Bing boots with silver studs (get them here)

Biko Jewellery Solo Grid Ring (get it here)

Karl Lagerfeld ’7′ Beveled Bezel Bracelet Watch (get it here)


Rainy Tuesday #DailyOutfit

Happy Tuesday lovelies!! Sorry for the long overdue post! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Though it was a bit cold I made the best of it by spending lot’s of time walking around Toronto and eating at some of my favorite restaurants in the city!! I made a new restaurant discovery during the weekend in the Distillery District – a place called El Catrin. It’s by far one of the coolest looking restaurants I’ve seen in a while, and probably one of the most unique restaurant decor in Toronto. It reminds me a lot of places you’ll find in LA. El Catrin, serves authentic Mexican food. Though I wasn’t there for a full meal, I did taste their guacamole and had their mojitos and they were absolutely fantastic! I look forward to a future dinner there to be able to post a full review on the blog.

photo (69)

I received a lovely package from Springsioux (they’ve just updated their website, and it looks badass! You can check it out here) this weekend from Paris. I couldn’t be more stoked to be adding their “melted ring” to my collection!! I’m proudly wearing it today!

photo 1 (97)

photo 2 (92)

Club Monaco Sonica Double-Knit Legging

Springsioux “melted wide ring” (get it here)

H&M leopard print top (similar one here)

Lionette Gilmore bracelet (to order please go here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Vanessa Mooney Little Ways Gold Bracelet (get it here)

80%20 Callie leather boots



Pinks #DailyOutfit

Pink is a hot color this season! Though I don’t have a pale pink jacket to strut around in, I definitely have a few pink garments and accessories that I like to wear once in a while. Like most girls, I loved pink as a child but haven’t been wearing much pink in the last few years. I like that the clothes I’m wearing today are a variation of pink! Are you someone that wears a lot of pink?


TOPSHOP pink high roller neppy tank (get it here)

H&M chambray buttoned-up shirt (similar one here)

Club Monaco Sonica Double-Knit Legging

Scotch & Soda Ring

Vanessa Mooney Little Ways Gold Bracelet (get it here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Lionette SINEAD bracelet (check the site for more info)

Pamela Love x Nine West brick moto booties 

Mixing Classics #DailyOutfit

My favorite time of year is fast approaching – Christmas!!! and I’m definitely starting to feel pressure to find the perfect gifts for my loved ones. I know Christmas is not only about gift-giving, but the amount of joy that I get from getting my family members something that really makes them happy, is priceless! There’s nothing I love more than to see their reactions on Christmas morning when they open their presents. I’ve always gone overboard every year ever since I can remember but I can’t seem to do anything less. How about you?! Are you good at finding the perfect Christmas gift?

Also, super random side note but is anyone else addicted to Season 15 of The Biggest Loser?! I blame my boyfriend for getting me into it but now I’ve watched a few episodes and I’m hooked. A total guilty pleasure. Anyone else watching?! What are your current television guilty pleasures?!


For today’s outfit, I’m mixing classics: the black and white stripes and some red and blue plaid. I’ve also added some dainty rings and my newest Biko Jewellery necklace.


Forever 21 boat neck striped black and white top

Zara red plaid bomber jacket (similar one here)

Biko Jewellery Desta Cross Necklace (get it here)

Zara laced ankle boots with block heel (get them here)

Club Monaco Sonica Double-Knit Legging

Verameat mystery hugs ring (get it here)

Verameat vampire crown ring (get it here)

Biko Jewellery Solo Grid Ring (get it here)

Fortress #DailyOutfit

Happy Wednesday!

On the program today: Juno preparations are in full-swing at the office. Definitely lot’s to prepare before we leave for Regina in two weeks. Also, today I’ll be heading back to my old stomping grounds AUX TV to participate in a special doc on Canadian artists. Really honored they’ve asked me to take part in it.

Yesterday, I recevied a lovely package from the fine folks at Uranium in Montreal. When I was a teenager, a lot of the VJs on MusiquePlus used to be dressed by Uranium. I always thought that the shop had some cool and unique pieces. I couldn’t be more excited that now, a few years later, it’s my turn to wear some cool Uranium swag.


So for today’s outfit, I’m rocking my new fortress ring that I absolutely love! Their new spring/summer collection will be available shortly!

photo (61)

Uranium fortress ring (get it here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Lionette the JOPLIN bracelet (check the site for more info)

Forever 21 spiked and rhinestoned bracelet (get it here)

Springsioux Lady Muerte ring 

Aldo Accessories THOMSONA gold cuffs (get them here)

Club Monaco Sonica Double-Knit Legging (get it here)

Zara TRF Combination Biker Jacket (get it here)

TOPSHOP Aztec inspired silver and gold necklace

Playing Catch-up #DailyOutfit

Happy Tuesday everyone! It feels like forever since I posted a blog. I’m playing catchup today and posting two outfits instead of one! How was your weekend? Did you all have a great week last week? I just got back from a few days of vacation in the middle of the night Sunday. It was absolutely wonderful to get away for a bit. Nothing quite like spending time with some of your best girlfriends in one of your favorite places on earth. Plus, I braved the cold water and surfed a bit. It was actually the first time I surfed in California in winter and was surprised by how warm the water was. No need for a hood or gloves, just boots and a wetsuit did the trick 🙂

photo (32)

I’ve been traveling to California since 2005 and it’s really become my second home. Not only do some of my greatest friends live there, my surfboard is also there and I just always have the best time!

While I was away, I received a lovely package in the mail from one of my favorite jewelry designers from NY called Lionette (designs by Noa Sade).  I’ve been seeing a lot of her pieces on my instagram feed and am absolutely crazy for her new collection that she presented during NYFW a few weeks ago. Her team is currently working on putting up a new website with her new collection. I will be giving you more info in the weeks to come.

So it’s with much excitment that I wore some of my lovely new Lionette pieces for our show shoot yesterday 🙂

photo (30)

H&M denim buttoned-up shirt (similar one here)

Steve Madden brown suede boots

H&M stretchy jersey tee (similar one here)

Lionette SINEAD bracelet (check the site for more info)

Lionette the JOPLIN bracelet (check the site for more info)

Lionette HARLEM necklace (check the site for more info)

Club Monaco Sonica Double-Knit Legging (get it here)

And since it’s slowly warming up in Toronto and the snow is melting, I’ve decided to wear my favorite Pamela Love x Nine West booties with my new Lionette JOPLIN bracelet. I can’t get enough of it!!!

photo (31)

H&M black skirt (get it here)

Pamela Love x Nine West brick moto booties 

Necessary Clothing eagle tee 

Lionette the JOPLIN bracelet (check the site for more info)

TOPSHOP arrow neckclace

Typical Thursday #DailyOutfit

Today is a typical Thursday for me. At work, working on next week’s BRBR show: writing lines, editing one of my interviews (with Salomé Leclerc – she’s one of my current favorites!) and listening to new tunes (have you heard the new K-OS record BLack on BLonde? Catchy stuff!).  Today I’m wearing my favorite Club Monaco strechy black leggings, a denim buttoned-up shirt, a diagonal zip jacket and a few of my favorite mixed metal jewels to add color and punch to the outfit.

photo (5)

H&M diagonal zip jacket (get it here)

H&M denim buttoned-up shirt (similar one here)

Club Monaco Sonica Double-Knit Legging (get it here)

OIA Jules Gold Curb multichain bracelet (similar one here)

Stella & Dot gold renegade cluster bracelet (get it here)

Verameat gold initial ring