WMCFW FW14 Day 3 #DailyOutfit

For my third FW14 WMCFW outfit, I decided to put the emphasis on a bright colored coat. I picked this amazing green coat from Zara to compliment my red hair. I think anyone can pull this look off. Zara had a handful of other colored jackets like fuchsia, bright yellow, neon blue, etc. I think wearing a bright colored coat automatically spices up your outfit!

Here I am after three full days of shows, a little tired to say the least! Had such a blast again this evening! Can’t believe it’s over for this season. Check for my full Day 3 recap coming tomorrow am! Night!! xo

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   Photos by @Offner

Zara Green Wool Coat (get it here)

Modern Vice Camo Jetts (get them here)

Anine Bing Black Boat Neck T-Shirt (get it here)

Karen London Gypsy Ring (get it here)

Karen London Dream Weaver Necklace (get it here)

Anine Bing Bohemian black hat

Zara handbag with faux fur 


September Blues #DailyOutfit

Yesterday we received our first ever Fresh City Farms vegetable and fruit bag, from local organic farmers in Ontario. I can’t believe I didn’t think of doing this before. For $30 a week, they deliver right to your doorstep a bag filled with seasonal fruits and veggies. You can also add a bunch of extras to your bag: cheese, honey, fresh bread, etc. They also give you some sample recipes every week, recipes for the fruits and veggies in your bag. What’s great about getting a different bag each week is that it forces you to not only eat healthy but also helps you be more creative with the food you make. Plus, being someone who eats a lot of fruits and veggies every day, I find that this makes it a lot cheaper.

So last night, I used some of the veggies we had received to make my first ever homemade pottage. It really didn’t take long! I basically just boiled a bunch of veggies from the bag (leek, brocoli, mushrooms, tomatos, garlic), added a few spices, a bit of oil and olive juice, a touch of almond milk and blended everything up. Voilà! Perfect for the fall!

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photo 3

It’s now pant weather again! Feels good to take out some of my favs from last season. Seems like I’m not the only one who’s stoked about fall fashion. One of the things I’m most excited about this season, are all the rad jackets that are coming out. Here are some of my favorite jackets for the fall… Wish I could get them all! AHH they are so heavenly!!

1) MLLE Mademoiselle Rumi Leopard Biker Jacket (get it here)

MLLE-28_1024x10242) VEDA x Pamela Love special collaboration (get it here)


3) Mackage TAMIKA Natural Leather Jacket (get it here)


4) Zara Leopard Furry Coat (get it here)


5) Topshop Quilted Leather Look Biker Jacket (get it here)


For today’s outfit, I’m rock a whole lot of blues! I love printed pants and love my Pamela Love x Nine West boots I got last year. Still one of my favs!

photo 2

Urban Outfitters bleu and grey southwestern print skinnies

Zara basic blue scoop neck shirt

Forever 21 Bleached demin vest (get it here)

Pamela Love x Nine West brick moto booties 

Biko Neon Blue Colby necklace (get it here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Lionette SINEAD bracelet (check the site for more info)

Feeling Sleepy #DailyOutfit

I did it! I survived one of the busiest weeks of my life! Canadian Music Week x World MasterCard Fashion Week, woah! Saw loads of great artists play and inspiring designs. Definitely feeling real sleepy today though. This morning, I snoozed for over an hour, not able to get myself out of bed. I couldn’t be more excited that this week is only a 3-day work week for me. Looking forward to a long relaxing weekend 🙂

Since I moved to Toronto three and a half years ago, I’ve been searching for a cool hair salon to go to. Over the years, I’ve had bad experiences with hairdressers (who’ve burnt my hair off amongst other things) and have only really been able to trust my Montreal hairdresser and friend John Paliotti at Flair. After a few recommendations from friends, I finally tried out Parlour Salon on Queen and Ossington yesterday to spice up my natural ginger locks. I was honestly really pleased with the service and result. Though hairdressers are way more expensive in Toronto than Montreal, I’d rather pay a little more and make sure I like the final result. If you’re looking for a good salon in Toronto, definitely check out Parlour.

For today’s outfit, I decided to take out one of the brightest dresses from my closet and styled it with some gold and colorful jewelry.

Happy Monday to you all! xo

photo (58)

H&M denim jacket (get it here)

Lionette ASHLEY ring (check the site for more info)

Blue and black print dress 

Gold cuff (similar one here)

Orange faux stone triangular necklace (similar one here)

Spring Flowers #DailyOutfit

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I was stoked to spend most of mine outdoors, it was so beautiful out in Toronto. I saw an excellent show on Friday night – Half Moon Run. The band played in front of a sold-out crowd at the Horseshoe Tavern, a crowd that was dancing the whole time and singing all of their lyrics. The band seemed thrilled by the audience’s reaction. What a great show they put on!


Today we’re shooting yet another episode of BRBR, there are only a handful left. Our season ends at the beginning of May. Can’t believe we’ve shot almost 30 episodes!

I’m not someone who usually wears a lot of flower prints but I decided to bring them out this morning, due to the lovely weather we had this past weekend.  I combined a print tee with my rad new Luxe Craving Raindrop necklace and my new OIA Jules metallic leather wrap bracelet.

Wishing you all a lovely Monday! xo

photo (38)

H&M Black Jacket (get it here)

H&M flower tee (similar one here)

H&M Skinny Low Ankle Jeans (get them here)

Luxe Craving The Raindrop in Jet Black (get it here)

OIA Jules Metallic Leather & Gold Ring Wrap Bracelet (get it here)

80%20 Callie leather boots (get them here)