Regina travels #DailyOutfit

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday I traveled to Regina for the Juno Awards. Apologies for not being able to post anything on the blog.

It’s been a while since I last traveled to Regina. The only time I’ve ever been to Regina was in 2006 while I was on tour so it was nice to get re-acquainted with the city today. It was definitely a lot colder and snowier than Toronto but the one thing I noticed right away was everyone’s friendliness! We didn’t have much time to explore the city but we had a lot of fun getting props (see the pic below) for the sessions and interviews we’ll be doing this week while there. We gave Dollarama a whole lot of money today!

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (1)

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On the schedule for today, going to get our sound gear that made it a day later and then start doing interviews and performances with two Saskatchewan acts: Pimpton and Fly Points.

So excited for our live hit happening this Friday live from The Juno Awards welcome reception! Make sure you tune in at 7pm CST/9pm EST to see what musical guests and nominees I’ll be speaking to.  You can tune in live right here:

For the occasion, I got some neat gold and black nails done at Sparks Nail Salon in Toronto. I had heard that the place did some rad 3D Japanese nail art so figured it’d be the perfect opportunity to check it out. I didn’t want something to crazy but wanted something classy and that could go well with my RUDYBOIS dresses & my Biko Jewellery.

photo 4 (1)

Yesterday, I opted for comfort on the plane and went with a comfy skirt, chambray shirt and sweatshirt. One thing I’ve learned through frequent travels is how cold it can get on a plane, so the more layers the better!

Have a lovely day!!


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Forever 21 accordeon pleated purple skirt (similar one here)

Forever 21 eagle sweatshirt

H&M chambray buttoned-up shirt (similar one here)

HM gold spike necklace (similar one here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Lionette the JOPLIN bracelet (check the site for more info)

Forever 21 spiked and rhinestoned bracelet (get it here)


Madness Tuesday #DailyOutfit

Hey everyone! Hope your day’s going well! Today is absolute madness as we’re getting ready to leave for the Juno Awards tomorrow morning! There are so many things to prepare before we head to Regina. I can honestly say that I didn’t put as much effort as I usually do in my outfit this morning… I opted for comfort with distressed jeans, a plaid shirt and my comfy wedge sneakers!

Keep checking the blog this week to get the full scoop on the Juno Awards. I’ll also be doing a live hit from the Juno Awards‘ Welcome Reception with a bunch of nominees this Friday at 7pm CST / 9pm EST. For all the deets, check here. We’ll be broadcasting live from BRBR’s facebook page:


Wishing you all a lovely afternoon!
Mel xo

photo (68)

H&M distressed boyfriend jeans (similar ones here)

H&M plaid buttoned up shirt (similar one here)

H&M white v-neck jersey top (get it here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Forever 21 spiked and rhinestoned bracelet (get it here)

Forever 21 white off-white cuff (similar one here)

VERAMEAT gold brass initial ring

Biko Third Eye bracelet (get it here)

Lionette the JOPLIN bracelet (check the site for more info)

TOPSHOP Aerobic2 Hi-Top Wedges (get them here)

Biko Jewellery at the Juno Awards

Last Friday, the lovely Corrine from Biko Jewellery invited me to stop by her Toronto studio to pick out some jewellery for the Juno Awards. I was ecstatic! I first found out about Biko Jewellery through Dainty Girl. She was wearing some of her lovely chainmaille bracelets an I immediately fell in love with them. I took a look at her website and instantly became an even bigger fan, especially of the great vintage-inspired necklaces on her site. I love her mix of feminine and tough, her mix of vintage and new, how she casts and reshapes a lot of the pieces she finds. Corrine travels a lot to find unique jewels, stones and little gems that she reshapes, modifies and embellishes herself.

While at the studio on Friday, she explained to me that though she was always crafty, she only started making jewellery after doing a photo shoot with a friend, not liking the earrings she was supposed to wear and deciding to make her own pair.  From then on, she became obsessed! And from all the materials, tools, designs, etc. in her studio, you can definitely tell it’s something she’s constantly working on. She’s always creating; she even has designs ready for next year but sometimes has to hold herself back from releasing them right away. I think that that’s a good problem to have 😉

Just last week, one of her necklaces made it onto the cover of Seventeen Magazine. She says that her business has really been picking up in the last 2-3 years, that she’s been getting a lot more interest from the United States as well. I personally think it’s only the beginning for her.

I had sent Corrine a few pictures of the  RUDYBOIS dresses I will be wearing at the Junos this week, so together we picked out a few pieces that would definitely make a statement in front of the camera and on the red carpet. Though it was really hard to pick, we finally narrowed it down to a few favorites. Curious to see what I ended up picking and what I’ll be wearing? You’ll have to keep checking back on the blog later this week to see the final look!

Can’t wait to rock some Biko on the red carpet in Regina!!! A big thank you to Corrine for letting me wear some of her fabulous designs this week. I couldn’t be more excited and honored!!


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2013 Juno Nominees

Yesterday I attended the 2013 Juno Nominations in Toronto. Like every year, I’m really happy with some of the nominations and unhappy with others.  This past year was without a doubt a stellar year for Canadian music at home and abroad.  Here are some of my favorite categories this year:


Cold Specks Arts & Crafts*Universal
Elisapie Pheromone*Fontana North
Grimes Arbutus*F>A>B
Kira Isabella Sony
The Weeknd Republic*Universal
I’m really happy to see such variety in this list. I had voted Grimes’ album Visions as my top pick for the Polaris Prize this past year. I absolutely love Elisapie’s latest record Travelling Love, an album that really put her on the map in the rest of Canada and rightfully so. She’s such a talented singer and songwriter. I’m also a big fan of Cold Specks’ voice and can admit that I listen to The Weeknd probably on a daily basis.


Hey Ocean! Universal
Monster Truck Dine Alone*Universal
The Pack a.d. Mint*Outside
Walk Off the Earth Columbia*Sony
Yukon Blonde Dine Alone*Universal
The band that I’m beyond stoked to see in this category is Hey Ocean! I’ve had the pleasure of working with them in the past, they’re some of the most hardworking individuals and most positive people I know. They’re so refreshing to be around.  They’ve worked really hard to be where they are today and I’m glad they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve. Go get’em guys!


Afie Jurvanen Brushfire*Universal
“Be My Witness”, “Caught Me Thinkin”, “Lost in the Light” BARCHORDS – Bahamas
 Arkells Universal
“Michigan Left”, “On Paper”, “Whistleblower” MICHIGAN LEFT – Arkells
 Hannah Georgas Dine Alone*Universal | Publisher: Hannah Georgas
“Enemies”, “Robotic” – co-songwriter Ryan Guldemond, “Somebody” – HANNAH GEORGAS – Hannah Georgas
 Kathleen Edwards MapleMusic*Universal | Publisher: Potty Mouth Production/Peer International Ltd (Canada)
“A Soft Place to Land”– co-songwriter John Roderick, “Chameleon/Comedian”, “Change the Sheets” VOYAGEUR – Kathleen Edwards
 Leonard Cohen Columbia*Sony | Publisher: Old Ideas LLC
“Amen”, “Going Home”– co-songwriter Patrick Leonard, “Show Me the Place” – co-songwriter Patrick Leonard OLD IDEAS – Leonard Cohen
I was really happy to see Bahamas, Kathleen Edwards and Hannah Georgas alongside Leonard Cohen in this category. Barchords, Voyageur and Hannah’s self-titled record are three of my favorites in the past couple of months. All three of these songwriters are some of Canada’s finest. If I had to pick one favorite, I’d pick Hannah, just because I think her new record positions her as a force to reckon with and shows a lot of maturity (plus she’s a ginger… well sorta and so is Kathleen sorta ;))


Hannah Georgas Dine Alone*Universal
Hannah Georgas
Japandroids Polyvinyl*Outside
Celebration Rock
Metric Metric Music International*Universal
Said The Whale Hidden Pony*Universal
Little Mountain
Stars Soft Revolution*Universal
The North
Also happy to see a lot of these names here. I don’t think Metric’s last record is their strongest, neither is Japandroids’ in my opinion. Said The Whale are a great up and coming band from B.C. but I really think that the strongest album in this category is Hannah Georgas once again! Do yourself a favor and listen to her track: “Robotic”


Amylie Audiogram*Sélect
Le Royaume
Avec pas d’casque Grosse Boîte*Sélect
Lisa Leblanc Bonsound*Sélect
Lisa Leblanc
Louis-Jean Cormier Simone*Sélect
Le treizième étage
Marie-Pierre Arthur Bonsound*Sélect
Aux alentours
It’s only normal that I talk about this particular category.  Though I think most of these records belong in the list, where is Peter Peter? Fanny Bloom? There are a handful of other stellar records that could have very well been in that list.  That said, I believe Louis-Jean Cormier might win because he might be the most known in the rest of Canada, because of his work with Karkwa but I’d personally like Avec pas d’casque or Marie-Pierre Arthur to win.  They released two excellent records and are all-around great artists.


Crystal Castles Last Gang*Universal
Daphni Merge*F>A>B
Grimes Arbutus* F>A>B
Purity Ring Last Gang*Universal
Trust Arts & Crafts*Universal
Thank god I’m not in charge of picking the winner of this category because I’d have such a hard time. I honestly believe that the electronic category is probably the strongest it’s been in years. There were so many strong electronic albums that came out of Canada this year, I definitely think the scene is thriving more and more. I’m a fan of all of these records!
To see the complete list of nominees, visit the Juno Awards’ website:
Stoked for this year’s gala! See you on April 15th live from Regina 🙂

Juno Nominations #DailyOutfit

Today is an exciting day for Canadian music! The 2013 Juno Nominations (the Canadian Grammys) are being revealed in Toronto.  I love the Juno Awards because they go above and beyond just putting on the gala itself. The entire week leading up to the gala is filled with activities, benefits, showcases, etc. Each year, the Junos are held in different cities across the country.  This year the gala and Juno Week is being held in Regina, Saskatchewan on April 21st. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from covering the Juno Awards and the red carpet for the last couple of years, it’s to dress WARM! Each year, they decide to do the red carpet outdoors even if it’s still snowing out.  I was really lucky to wear a beautiful and warm dress from Martin Lim last year, which kept me toasty and I’m really looking forward to working with another up and coming designer for this year’s red carpet. Details to come 😉

For today’s Juno Nominations, I’m wearing a brand new southwestern inspired stretchy skirt from Topshop, a white tee, my diagonal zip black jacket and my 80%20 boots.  I’ve also paired that with brand new accessories from Topshop and Asos. I’m in love with my new Aztec necklace!

photo (26)

TOPSHOP Aztec Jacquard Bodycon Skirt (get it here)

Asos gold band rings (get them here)

80%20 Callie leather boots (get them here)

H&M diagonal zip jacket (get it here)

TOPSHOP Aztec inspired silver and gold necklace

Asos Gogo Philip Cross Soverign Ring (get it here)