Road to Nike Women’s 15k – Week 7


Week recap:

This past week has been pretty rock n’ roll to say the least! Even if Monday was a holiday last week, the #betterforit ladies and I got out early to clock a 7km run. It being a holiday allowed for a nice peaceful run along the streets of Toronto. Tuesday was my only day off but it was much needed one since I had lined up a double workout on Wednesday. I joined a small group of ladies on the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel (the raddest rooftop in the city!) for a #NTC workout as the sun rose. This was my first #DoneBeforeDawn class and boy was it memorable! That night, I also went to the Nike Running Club for a fast 5k run. I was up bright and early the next day for my routine NTC morning class with Eva Redpath, which was a lot harder than I was expecting. I was still sore from the previous morning so my work out was less than stellar. This past weekend, I went up to Blue Mountain for a special fitness retreat and the 1st #BowerFitxKalola with three lovely ladies (thanks for the invite Sasha!) who are also currently training for the 15k. The retreat was organized by Nate Bower, a boxer that I’ve had the chance to meet when I took his boxing class at Equinox (check out my special blog on his class here), as well as Kalola Spa at Blue Mountain. It was really neat to take my training to a different location and switch it up a bit. We had the most awesome weekend hiking up Blue Mountain, playing beach volleyball, doing yoga, boxing, doing some strength training, stretching and also getting a lovely massage at the end of it all. I didn’t get as much running in this past week but it was a nice change of pace!

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How I’m feeling:

Though I don’t feel anything major aching, my knees definitely seemed to still be inflamed a little so I’ve been trying my best to stretch properly, apply cream and not push too hard when training. With only 3 more weeks to go, there’s no time for injury.

What I’ve learned:

Injuries can occur at any moment. This weekend I witnessed one of my friends get injured while training and it was incredibly scary to see. Luckily, her injury wasn’t too serious but it made me realize that injuries can occur at any moment in time. As a result, I’ve become a little more careful with all of my training.

Training in nature is so different. Spending time at the mountain this weekend really gave me a new perspective on training in nature. Training in the city has been wonderful but sometimes seeing new sceneries and changing the location of your training can really help motivate and inspire you, especially when you’ve been training for so many weeks consistently.


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Distance is less intimidating. When I started training, running 5 or even 10km seemed incredibly daunting but with so many runs under my belt, these distances don’t nearly seem as far anymore. There are only a few more weeks to go but having already run 15km three times now, I’m a lot less apprehensive about race day. Yay! 😀

Only 2 more weeks to go!!

Road to Nike Women’s 15k – Week 1

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Week recap:

My week started slow as I was out of the country and on vacation for a few days. Though I didn’t do much running in Miami, I did do a lot of swimming and also wake surfed, which was a really good workout in itself. Because of my travels, I unfortunately missed my first run with the #betterforit ladies training group last Monday morning. The weather in Toronto this past week has been less than inspirational for running, with it being so cold and rainy. It did get better as of Friday, so I kicked my runs into high gear by going for a speed run on Friday evening, running 7k and accomplishing my fastest ever 5k under 26mins!  Not going to lie, the special doorstep delivery I got from NRC on Friday night was a good weekend motivation! I also ran another 5k on Saturday and 11k on this beautiful Sunday in SHORTS!! Wohoo!

How I’m feeling:

I don’t know if it was the change in weather between Miami and Toronto or just the fact that most of the week was cold and damp, I felt like I was battling some sort cold or virus. I’ve been doing everything in my power – getting sleep, getting my vitamins, drinking lot’s of fluids and eating healthy, to make sure that I don’t get sick. Otherwise, I don’t have any noticeable aches and pains this week.

What I learned:

Good socks are a necessity! I’ve been testing out these cool new socks from Stable 26, that were designed specifically for running. They help with stability and comfort in your shoes while also enhancing function in the lower leg, including knees and ankles. One thing I’ve noticed, is that they don’t give me blisters. Most of the socks I’ve been wearing when I run, tend to rub on my toes and the palm of my feet, giving me blisters if I run for a while, but these ones don’t. I also definitely feel very comfortable in them and feel like the little silicone pads they’ve added keep my feet from slipping around in my shoes. Now I just need to get a few more pairs for training!


Incorporating juices and getting lot’s of hydration is really important. I tend to not drink very much before I run, especially if I’m going for a shorter distance and especially if I run not too long after I wake up in the morning. I realized though that I should probably drink a bit during and a lot after my run. This week, I got a doorstep delivery from CEDAR Juice, and after learning what I did from Ashley through my 5 Questions With interview (read it here, if you haven’t already!), I’m realizing that I should make sure to drink a lot more, and strategically, in order to give me body all the proper nutrients before, during and after the run. It will help with endurance, recuperation and energy overall.

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My body craves lot’s of protein after runs. For the first time ever last week, before I left for Miami, my boyfriend challenged me to run 15k with him. It was both our first time ever running that distance and I have to say it wasn’t that easy. What I also realized is that after a long run, my body craves SO MUCH protein. I’m not a huge fan of eggs, but it seems to be one of the only things my body wants after a longer run. My go-to post-run meal has been the Nonna’s Frittata at the Drake Hotel, it’s the yummiest and always makes me feel so good!

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Looking for some extra motivation for your upcoming training week? The super talented DJ FeelGoodSmalls, is releasing a series of motivational mixes for runners and gym go’ers leading up to the Nike Women 15k race in June. Her first instalment entitled The Start-Up, has just been released. Read about her inspiration behind the mix and get a free download here. Her 45-minute mix is also available to stream on Soundcloud here. Stay tuned for 4 other mixes coming soon!

The Start-Up Album Art

Have a great training week everyone!

5 Tips To Motivate You To Go Run

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It may be April next but it certainly doesn’t feel like spring in Toronto right now. I’ve got to admit, I’m starting to get a little fed up of running in the cold but if you’re just waiting for the temperature to rise to get out and run, then you may be waiting for a while…

I really wanted to go for a run this evening after work but I kept thinking of reasons why not to ie. fatigue, cold weather, etc. Instead of listening to any of these reasons I just convinced myself to get out the door. Here are a few things that have been helping me as of late go for runs even if the weather is still not very motivating. Hopefully they can help you too!

1) Don’t look at the temperature. The worst thing you can do is look at the weather app on the phone because you’ll start analyzing the temperature and how cold it actually is outside. Don’t focus on the temperature because by the time you’ve run a couple of minutes, you won’t even realize how cold it is outdoors.

2) Get dressed. Getting dressed is half the battle. Once you’re dressed you have no excuse not to go out. Layer if you need to, wear warm socks, cover your head and ears, wear gloves but get dressed!

3) Find a motivating music playlist. Whether you’re using Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, etc. prepare a motivating playlist of music, music that will get you fired up. I go through phases but I recently created an early 00’s screamo/punk/alternative playlist, which has become my go-to this past month. Embarrassing but true!

4) Focus on speed instead of distance. When it’s really cold out, you may not want to run for as long so focus on doing shorter distances but faster. Tonight, I went for a quick 5k, but my average time per km was 15-30 seconds under what I normally clock per km. You’ll get just as good of a workout in, trust me!

5) Dedicate your run to someone. I totally nabbed this tip from the lovely Sosasha. She’s been a big inspiration of mine this past year to really get into running. She recently posted on her Instagram that she dedicates each run to someone and it really motivates her to keep running when it starts getting tough. It’s psychological but it totally works. Tonight’s run was dedicated to my mom, a fierce woman who I’ve always looked up to.

And once you’re done your run, you’ll be so glad you went out and you’ll feel great!

Next week! I’ll be announcing a special series of blogs that I’ll be doing leading up to the Nike 15k race in Toronto. So stay tuned!

Sporting Life 10k Run


I mentioned this fall in my “Winter Running” post here, that one of my goals in 2015 would be to sign up for my 1st ever official run. Well, I said I would, so I did! I’ll be running the Sporting Life 10k run on Sunday May 10th in Toronto. I’m incredibly excited but also nervous to take part in my first competitive event since my teens. I know I’m technically only competing against myself, but it’s still a nice thing to work towards. The nervousness I felt after signing up for the race yesterday reminded me of all the competitions I took part in as a child and teenager.

Growing up, I did A LOT of sports and took part in A LOT of competitions, mostly in swimming, skipping and karate. I just remember being so nervous leading up to these competitions, eating proper “prep” meals a few days before the competition and barely sleeping the night before. The night before, I would also always prepare my team uniform, my bag, my snacks, etc. The morning of, I would barely have an appetite, would get dressed nervously and would drive to one of these competitions with my parents. Luckily, I was one of those kids that thrived under pressure. I usually ended up getting my best results when performing under stress. Now, 15+ years later, I know the nerves will be there the morning of May 10th when I get to the run. Even if I’m not competing for medals, even if I’ve run a 10k before, I know that I will be feeling something special that day. Once the race starts, I know everything will be ok and will be looking forward to the feeling you get once you cross the finish line. Priceless!

I’m lucky that some of my fellow NTC ladies are also planning on running with me. Though it isn’t a half-marathon or a marathon, I will still be training leading up to this race and will be documenting part of my process right here 🙂

If you’re also interested in signing up for the run, you can do so until April right here.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful new adventure!


Took my new Nike Free TR Fit 4 sneakers to work today and my feet couldn’t be happier. Super happy to see more people dressing up the sneaker look. Not sure I’m ready to go full out sneaker with a dress look because it basically goes against everything my mom taught me, but I have no qualms giving my feet a rest once in a while. I like these ones particularly because they’re black and can go with just about everything! Yay or Nay for the sneaker look?

Speaking of sneakers, anyone remember this band?! Holy 90s flashback! To this day, I’m still not too sure what it means to be a “sneaker pimp”…

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Photos by @Offner

Nike Free TR Fit 4 (get them here)

H&M off-white quilted moto jacket

H&M boyfriend shorts

Zara black and white striped tee 

OIA Jules Baby Jaws Necklace (similar one here)

Back At It #DailyOutfit

After having spent the last couple of months cooped up indoors because of the cold, I couldn’t be more excited to officially kick off my running season this evening. Though I know the cold isn’t behind us just yet, I took advantage of the “warmer” temperature today to whip out my Nike running gear and go for a beautiful sunset run. It was slippery, wet and tough but so worth it! I’ve always loved Nike’s motto and it rings true to me now more than ever. JUST DO IT!

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Forever 21 Aztec print long sleeve tee

Zara diagonal zip studded green blazer

Front And Company Firebird ring

Uranium Lois Lane necklace 

Je voudrais être une princesse boots

H&M classic skinny blue jeans