Prismatic World Tour

I’ve been waiting for tonight since Valentine’s Day! Tonight is Katy Perry‘s World Prismatic Tour debut in Toronto! I was so stoked when I received tickets as a gift from @offner in Miami back in February. I’ve always loved Katy Perry’s magical and colorful universe. I can’t wait to see all the costumes and set tonight! Ready to get my dancing on!!

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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Photos by @Offner

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Grammys Recap

Tonight was the biggest night in music of the year, it was the Grammys! I was excited to see some of my favorite artists perform. What did you think of Kendrick Lamar‘s crazy energy? Katy Perry‘s gothic and wizard of oz (brooms!!) inspired performance? Stevie Wonder performing with Daft Punk? Legends Paul McCartney and Ringo Star playing together again? How about Beyonce and Jay Z kicking off the night? Can’t help but smile when I see them perform together!

Fashion was au rendez-vous this evening! Loved seeing the men wearing velvet suits (Jack Osbourne, Macklemore), colorful socks (hello Ross Matthews!!), metallics and all the colorful manis!

Here were my favorite dresses of the evening:

Paris Hilton – never thought she’d be one of my favorites but the dress fit her to perfection. Loved all the detail and beading.


Ciara – looked ravishing in her gold detailed dress. Loved her flirty hairstyle as well! She was glowing!


Keltie Knight – was the first dress that I saw this evening. I loved her white and flowy gown. Loved all the intricate details!


Rita Ora looked lovely in Lanvin. I loved that she opted for a shorter dress but still made it super classy!


Taylor Swift – looked stunning and fearless in her Gucci “armor” dress. I love it when she wears metallics, goes so well on her!


Chrissy Teigen – John Legend’s wife looked like the loveliest disco ball I’ve ever seen!


Also, props to Kelly Osbourne (loved her custom design dress), Kendrick Lamar (in his pale blue tux and LACK of bling!), Toronto host Tanya Kim (loved the yellow gown!) and Dave Grohl (classy black tux!) for looking great!

My WTF moments of the evening: Madonna wearing a grill, Robin Thicke and his douchy sunglasses on the red carpet and Pharrell Williams‘ Canadian Mounties crushed hat?! Really?


What were your favorite moments of the night? Your favorite looks? Your WTF moments?


AMAs style

Like many of you, I watched the AMAs tonight. What did you think of the gala? The winners? Though it’s not my favorite award show of the year, I did enjoy Katy Perry and Kendrick Lamar‘s performances. As per usual, Miley Cyrus gave us a performance to talk about with her barely there body suit and the flying/crying cats projected behind her. Vocals were ok but not as strong as usual. I’m starting to wonder if Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford hasn’t shared some of his crack with her… That said, I was also happy to see Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake win a few prizes.

There was lot’s of black and white on the red carpet this evening. I loved seeing the ladies in lace and in long gowns. Also. I really liked seeing the men in color and wearing leather. Here are my top 3 female looks of the night:


Ciara – This dress was absolutely stunning! Loved the intricate detail and pattern!


Taylor Swift – The dress and hair were beautiful! She always looks so good in gold! Feminin and sexy!


Nicole Richie – Looking magnificent (though a little too thin…) as always! Loved her cutout gown and gold accessories.

Some other worthy mentions: Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry, who both looked gorgeous in their larger than life gowns.

Also, I really liked what blogger Aimee Song was wearing this evening. Was cute seeing this interior designer, turned fashion blogger co-host the Yahoo pre-gala red carpet. Not easy doing a live hit but she did a good job!


What were some of your favorite looks of the night? Let me know 🙂

Roar #DailyOutfit

This week, Katy Perry launched/leaked two new singles, one with her on and off again beau John Mayer, a sappy love song called “Who You Love” as well as her already hit new single “Roar”. I’ve always been a fan of Katy’s music, I love her colorful pop and the magical universe that she transports her listeners into. It reminds me of my childhood and can always put a smile on my face. I thoroughly enjoyed her music DVD Part Of Me. I watched on Christmas eve last December while I was at London Heathrow waiting for a flight to Montreal for the holidays after having spent a magical ten days in France. For some reason, the DVD really got to me and I really starting appreciating Katy Perry even more. Though I usually always talk about up and coming artists and maybe less commercial tracks, I think there’s nothing wrong with also liking top 40 artists and big pop stars. I’d say Katy Perry is probably one of my current favorite pop darlings along with Rihanna and Beyoncé. What can I say, I’m kind of a sucker for a good catchy track.

Today’s daily outfit is inspired by “Roar”! If you haven’t heard the track yet, here’s her emoticon lyric video for the track:


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