5 Questions With: Rebecca Gentry for The Speed Project

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Last week, over 150 runners made the incredible trek from from Santa Monica to Las Vegas on foot for the third annual The Speed Project. They left the Santa Monica pier at 5am on Friday March 10th and in relay form, raced to the world famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Rebecca Gentry was one of those athletes who flew all the way from London just to be a part of the journey. She was one of only two women in the winning team so I wanted to chat with her about her experience and what it was like to be a part of such an epic undertaking.

1) For those who aren’t familiar with The Speed Project, can you share with us what that is?

Aside from insanity, it’s a 340 mile relay race starting from Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles ending under the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign in Vegas! Is crosses the Mojave desert and involves continued running through day and night with the support of a crew in an RV. Each team member runs more or less an equal distance, and you high 5 your team mate to make the exchange between yourselves. It’s all about strategic, fast running though varied terrain battling sleep deprivation and hunger!!! 

2) Why did you want to partake in this event? Was it your first experience?

It was my first time racing TSP. I was asked to join the Original team by one of the co-founders Blue Benadum. Blue and I met just over a year ago in Berlin through our mutual work with Nike+ Run Club. I’d followed his journey of the event in 2016 and when he asked me to join the team I knew it would be an incredible challenge and experience for myself as well as an insane way to work hard amongst a great team who were heading out to break records. Furthermore being a runner from London, I thought it would be quite amusing to be cruising through the desert in very high, dry heat – when do you get handed an opportunity like that and turn it down?!

3) What was the hardest part of the journey?

My first leg was actually the hardest. The pressure of being on the team defending the title, and ideally breaking the record, was mammoth. The nerves got the better of my and dealing with a decent incline and LA heat beating down on me as I pushed on the edge of the freeway I felt the pain. I was convinced I was going to let everyone down, but pushed on as hard as I could trying to silence the demons, and was pleasantly surprised when i checked my pace once on the RV! I changed my mindset immediately after that and positively reinforced my mind  with reassurance that I had trained very hard for this and I was doing the best I could. 

4) In addition to running in The Speed Project, you are also the Nike+ Run Club Coach in London, you work as a fitness instructor at Equinox and you are also a fitness model. Do you find that there’s a real supportive women’s fitness community out there?

Massively. In London the awareness of Women’s running has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. I feel that women are becoming stronger and more fierce within the industry. We are busy people and work hard to incorporate fitness into our daily lives for aesthetic reason and health reasons combined. 

At NRC I see groups of women coming to the sessions together. They support one another by making the runs their social time together, they have it in the diaries and they rely on each other to show up. It’s that sense of community and friendship which encourages the progression and growth of each runner. 

In my Equinox treadmill sessions I see majority women attending my classes and they’re always asking my advice of how to stay strong and fit along with how to run faster. There’s certainly an understanding that you needn’t be a) male or b) whippet thin to be a fast successful runner.  Everyone woman pushing the boundary inspires so many more to do the same which is just awesome. 

5) What is the next goal that you are setting for yourself?

Haha well my coach – Blue – would be happy to read that I’ve secured myself a marathon bib for May this year as I’m determined to break 3 hours. As yet I’m still seeing where I could race (I’ve love a bib for Copenhagen) but aside from that, I’m waiting to see what crazy race pops up in my world and I’m sure I’ll be on the start line!!! 


Happy Halloween! #DailyOutfit

Happy Halloween everyone! Who are you dressing up as this year? Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! As a kid, my grand-ma made all of my costumes and I would take part in the local costume contest in my hometown. It was always so much fun not only dressing up but also trick or treating around my village and seeing all the haunted houses and decorations. When I grew older, I loved giving out candy to the kids on my street and making the house as scary as I could!

Sadly, for the first time ever I won’t be dressing up this year since I’m on a shoot for work. That said, I had a very memorable Halloween last year. I got to dress up as a pre-douche zombie Justin Bieber. I remember looking at myself in the mirror after getting 2hrs of makeup done and not even recognizing myself!! It was the best time!


So for today’s outfit, instead of a costume, I opted for a full black get up instead!


Forever 21 black dress with faux leather panels

Zara laced ankle boots with block heel (get them here)

Vanessa Mooney Little Ways Gold Bracelet (get it here)

Helloberry mini smoothie bracelet (get them here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Gold antler necklace

Biko Jewellery Telsum Bracelet (get it here)

Dreamlike state #DailyOutfit

Still in a dreamlike state after seeing The Great Gatsby last night! I really felt transported in a magical and epic world. Though I had read the book in high school, I barely remembered the story last night when I went to see the movie. I was really impressed by Tobey, Carey and Leo‘s performances. I think they all played fabulously! I couldn’t help but get attached to their three characters. The way everything is filmed, the fashion, all the glamor, just makes the 2.5hrs go by so quickly! It had been a while since I’ve seen an enchanting movie like that.

There’s been a lot of talk about the costume design for the movie, I definitely hope to see the costume designer nominated at next year’s award season. The other thing that’s been getting a lot of attention as well is the soundtrack. Some didn’t like the juxtaposition between the time when the movie is set and the presence of Jay Z, Jack White, etc in the soundtrack. I just think that it makes the movie current is and just trying to portray the emotions that one feels when listening to that kind of music. All in all, a grand film that is definitely worth watching!

gatsby 2

As a side note, how great does Leo look in this movie?! Woah! As a teen, I totally had a crush on him during the Romeo + Juliet days but ever since then, I haven’t found him to be that charming. Well, he’s definitely back in my books now!

Today I’m wearing the comfiest pants on the planet: my forever 21 leopard print harem pants! I’m also rocking a lovely gift from my friend Jacquie, who just came back from London earlier this week. She was there on tour with her band The Balconies (have you checked them out yet? They’re the bomb! Proof here!) and took the time to visit a few vintage shops on Brick Lane and got my a super cute gold antler necklace. Thanks Jacquie!! 🙂

photo (79)

Zara geometric shape cut out black muscle tee 

Forever 21 leopard print harem pants (similar ones here)

Forever 21 spiked and rhinestoned bracelet (get it here)

Biko black chainmaille bracelet (get it here)

Stella & Dot gold renegade cluster bracelet (get it here)

Lionette the JOPLIN bracelet (check the site for more info)

BCBG Nude & Gold heels (similar ones here)


Wild #DailyOutfit

Happy Wednesday! Couldn’t be more excited to have won tickets to the One Of A Kind Show, taking place at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto this week. Thanks Dainty Girl!

This morning I picked up a box of new swag from Forever 21. Say what you will about the store but they have some great affordable accessories and clothes. Most of their items don’t last long but because they’re pretty trendy, you’ll probably not want to wear them next season anyways unless they’re basics. Today’s outfit is a little wild and full of color. I used to never wear orange because I was told it didn’t go well with my complexion and hair color (GINGER!) but I honestly don’t think it’s true. Today, I’m wearing a burnt orange tee, leopard print loose fitting trousers and a bunch of gold armcandy from Forever 21 and Lionette!

photo (60)

Forever 21 loose-fitting leopard print trousers (similar ones here)

Forever 21 burnt orange zip pocket tee (similar one here)

Lionette the JOPLIN bracelet (check the site for more info)

Kitson LA leather and gold bracelet 

Forever 21 spiked and rhinestoned bracelet (get it here)

Forever 21 etched Geo cuff set (get it here)

VERAMEAT gold brass initial ring

Asos Gogo Philip Cross Soverign Ring (get it here)

Lace-Up Platform Boots (similar ones here)

TGIT #DailyOutfit

Ever wake up on a Thursday morning and have the impression that it’s Friday? Yup, that happened to me this morning! Some weeks just seem to go on forever. Thank god it’s Thursday and the weekend is right around the corner. As I’m sure all of you know already, Zara finally launched their online store yesterday morning and like many Canadians I flocked to their site.  I couldn’t be more stoked to finally be able to make my Zara purchases online, the only danger is not being able to control myself. Over the past couple of years, I’ve developed a serious Zara addiction. I find they’ve really stepped it up a notch with their designs, which are still very affordable. Looking forward to making many Zara online purchases in the future!

I couldn’t be more excited to be going out to Wrongbar tonight to see London’s Citizens! play. I haven’t been to Wrongbar in a while, so I’m thrilled about going to check out good music!

Speaking of shows, today I was featured on the renown Montreal website Montreal Concerts. I recently filled out their famous Concert Questionnaire. Find out what my all-time favorite show is here. Any guesses on what it might be?

photo (35)

Forever 21 Aztec print long sleeve tee

Red denim trousers

Forever 21 Bleached demin vest (get it here)

Flashbacks silver chain spike necklace

Springsioux Lady Murte ring 

Rebel & Fuss ring

Je voudrais être une princesse booties


This Week’s Ear Candy

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you’ve all been having wonderful holidays thus far! Apologies for the little break last week, I was out of the country and had very limited access to reliable internet. Here’s this week’s ear candy:

I must admit, this first video and track totally made my day when I first saw it. Yes, it’s a surfing video but it’s also a great downtempo chill track. The track totally transports me into another world. The track I’m talking about is, Peaking Lights‘ dreamy “Beautiful Dub”, taken from their 2012 release Lucifer In Dub (a dubbed-out version of their latest LP Lucifer). Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

So happy that there’s a brand new Charli XCX single out. The track is called “You Ha Ha Ha”. The young UK pop singer is  definitely one of my favorite artists of 2012. Super excited for her debut full-length to be released in the new year. In the meantime, you can listen to the track here:

I just spent the past ten days on vacation in France. Over the years, I’ve always listened to the music that was coming out of this great country but it was only this past year, thanks to @offneraurelien, that I really tuned into what was being done across the Atlantic. While, I was in France, I spent a lot of time listening to French radio to really get a feel for the stand out artists in the country. One of the names that really stood out, is the Caen rapper Orelsan.  If you’ve never heard of him, I highly recommend checking him out. He’s articulate, intelligent and not afraid to rap about France’s current social issues. Here’s his track “Suicide Social” –

And his latest hit “Si Seul” –

So there you have it for this week! Have a lovely weekend!

Mel xo

This Week’s Ear Candy

Happy Friday!

Apologies for the lack of posts last week, my life has been a whirlwind to say the least. But I’m back on track now!! Here’s this week’s ear candy:

This week I fell in love with Elisapie‘s first English track, which will be released on her first English record coming out October 30th.  I wasn’t really a fan of what she had done in the past but this synth-pop track goes perfectly with her voice! Listen to “The Love You Gave” here:


For the past two days, I’ve been listening and watching Trust‘s new video for “Dressed For Space”. I love the 80s inspired vid and dance. Perfect track to get ready before going out! You can watch the video here:

Here’s hoping the band will be doing more North American tour dates in the near future. Their debut record released earlier this year, has been one of my favs!

This week, I also fell in love with Get People‘s new track called “Cupid’s Curse”… sometimes I wonder if cupid really does have a curse! You can actually download the track for free on their facebook page.  Looking forward to hearing more from this London quartet!


I found a lovely new video from Ireland’s MMOTHS this week for their track “Over You”:

The track is part of the AMP 2012 compilation, which you can get right here: http://www.anniemacpresents.com/

We’ve all heard of the Toronto punk band Fucked Up, but it was the first time I had heard of their guitarist Ben Cook’s side project called Yatch Club.  I immediately fell in love with it! They released a brand new 80s inspired video for their awesome track “Flash” earlier this week.  I’ve also been playing it on repeat all week long.  Apparently, they’ll be doing a show on an actual Yatch in Toronto next week… so if you don’t have any plans, I think it’d make for a great outing!  You can watch the video here:

That’s it for this week! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



This Week’s Ear Candy

Each week I’ll be posting some of the musical discoveries I’ve made during the past couple of days.  Hope you’ll be able to discover some new acts as well through these postings.

Totally fell on this first track by accident earlier this week. It’s from a rad London, UK band called Visitor. They have a new EP coming out next month.  Check out “Coming Home” –

I’m heading on a surfing trip next week, so when I saw the video for this next song, it totally hit a sweet spot.  The video was filmed in Hawaii and is as dreamy as the track itself.  Taken By Trees is from Los Angeles and will be releasing a new record October 2nd called Other Worlds. Check out “Dreams” –

Lot’s of buzz surrounding Madeon these days.  He’s a French electro musician from Nantes, France.  He just posted a new super dancy track this week called “Finale”.  I can totally see this track in a future GoPro or surfing/snowboarding video.  Hope you like it as much as I did –

That’s it for this week.  For more ear candy, check out my daily posts on my twitter: @melsays.

I’m off to Guelph for the Hillside Folk Festival this weekend to shoot my show BRBR. Looking forward to chatting with Dan Griffin, The Deep Dark Woods and Walk Off The Earth.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mel xo