5 Questions With: RUDYBOIS


I first heard of designer RUDYBOIS almost two years ago now, when I was looking for a dress for the red carpet of the Quebec music awards, the ADISQ gala. He had reached out through twitter, expressing interest in lending me a dress for the special night. Since then, he’s become my go-to designer whenever I need dresses for events whether it’s the Juno Awards, Gemini Awards, etc. The young Quebec City prodigy designs high-end womenswear that is elegant but with a unique edge. All of his pieces are handmade in Canada using fabrics from around the world. His creations can be found in select stores in Canada and also online on his new shop. His latest collection is called Silence and has been making waves around the country. I know this is only the beginning for this talented young man. Here are my 5 Questions with RUDYBOIS:

1) Can you talk to us about your own style evolution from your teens until now? How would you describe your style today? (you can provide us with photos if you’d like)

It’s almost painful for me to go back to my teenage days! I was obese and definitely looking for myself. My style was a mix of Avril Lavigne and Billie Joe! (Osiris skater shoes, with a lot of studs bracelets, blue-black dyed hair, an eyebrow piercing, skulls everywhere and black everything) Later in high school, I became the ancestor of the “douchebag movement” (bleached hair with lighter undertones, white everything (blazer, formal shoes, belt and even the famous surfer shell necklace), mixed with bright colours!) When I say I was looking for myself… Then I moved to Quebec City and discovered the menswear designers section at Simons, this was a revelation to me, for my personal style as well as for my future career. That’s where I learned that less is more!

I now describe my personal style as an antithesis, I love being all dandy and dressed up as well as being a little artsy kind of hipster with an old rock influence, maybe that’s why my favorite brand, that also suits me perfectly, is Neil Barrett. There’s also a lot of things that I would love to wear that I can’t simply because I could not assume it, I still have a lot of body acceptance work to do!

2) Who are your style icons?

I really dig Nick Wooster and Jared Leto styles ( even if back in the day, Leto was wearing silver Crocs!)

3) Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

I really love sketching outside, I have my spot where I create all of my spring/summer looks. For the cold seasons, I can’t obviously create outside so I just need to isolate myself, I often go to the library.

4) Who would you like to see wear your collections?

Even if her style is not always refined, I would really love to see Madonna wearing my designs, or Lady Gaga and Celine Dion who are always well dressed.

5) What are some of your favorite artists or bands? Do you listen to music when you create?

I do listen music! From when I wake up, until the end of the afternoon, I listen music all the time!  I love a lot of different kinds of music, recently I’ve discovered Songza and it makes me discover so many new artists! My playlists of the moment includes: HBO Girls : Marnie  (featuring Oh Land, Robin, SLL, Graffiti6), 90’s dance hit ( I’m a big fan of 90’s dance music) and Blogged 50 (featuring Trails and Ways, Phil Beaudreau, Cherub). I also have my classics like Madonna’s American Life album, her best I think.

Thanks so much Rudy! Wishing you continued success!

Grammys Recap

Tonight was the biggest night in music of the year, it was the Grammys! I was excited to see some of my favorite artists perform. What did you think of Kendrick Lamar‘s crazy energy? Katy Perry‘s gothic and wizard of oz (brooms!!) inspired performance? Stevie Wonder performing with Daft Punk? Legends Paul McCartney and Ringo Star playing together again? How about Beyonce and Jay Z kicking off the night? Can’t help but smile when I see them perform together!

Fashion was au rendez-vous this evening! Loved seeing the men wearing velvet suits (Jack Osbourne, Macklemore), colorful socks (hello Ross Matthews!!), metallics and all the colorful manis!

Here were my favorite dresses of the evening:

Paris Hilton – never thought she’d be one of my favorites but the dress fit her to perfection. Loved all the detail and beading.


Ciara – looked ravishing in her gold detailed dress. Loved her flirty hairstyle as well! She was glowing!


Keltie Knight – was the first dress that I saw this evening. I loved her white and flowy gown. Loved all the intricate details!


Rita Ora looked lovely in Lanvin. I loved that she opted for a shorter dress but still made it super classy!


Taylor Swift – looked stunning and fearless in her Gucci “armor” dress. I love it when she wears metallics, goes so well on her!


Chrissy Teigen – John Legend’s wife looked like the loveliest disco ball I’ve ever seen!


Also, props to Kelly Osbourne (loved her custom design dress), Kendrick Lamar (in his pale blue tux and LACK of bling!), Toronto host Tanya Kim (loved the yellow gown!) and Dave Grohl (classy black tux!) for looking great!

My WTF moments of the evening: Madonna wearing a grill, Robin Thicke and his douchy sunglasses on the red carpet and Pharrell Williams‘ Canadian Mounties crushed hat?! Really?


What were your favorite moments of the night? Your favorite looks? Your WTF moments?