Humber Bay Park

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I love being able to discover new gems in Toronto even after having lived here for six years. Last week, Offner and I spent a few hours at the Humber Bay Park in the west end. I’ve run in the area before but had never been as far west in the park. To my surprise, the park is stunning; there’s a nice beach area, picnic tables, a beautiful view of Toronto, etc. It’s the perfect place for a picnic or to read a book. If you’re in need of a relaxing spot and want to get away from all the craziness that you usually find in other parks downtown ie. Trinity Bellwoods, this is a great option that is easily accessible via the Martin Goodman Trail. I brought my new Sanuk Yoga Slinged Up sandals with me for the trip, perfect for the relaxed waterfront vibes! ūüėÄ

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Photos by @Offner

Mendocino embroidered blouse

Zara jean shorts (get them here)

Sanuk Yoga Slinged Up Prints (get them here)

GoWood “Hamptons” sunglasses (get them here)

How I Kick It

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Ah Toronto! Looking fine in the sun. So happy to be able to bring the vegan leather jacket back out! The city really comes alive when the sun comes out the the temperatures warm up.

Made the best of the sunshine this past weekend with lot’s of running, walking and time spent just hanging out outdoors. This is how I kicked it this weekend, how did you kick it? #HowWeKickIt

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Photos by @Offner

Stance “Magic Carpet” socks (get them here)

Anine Bing Studded Boots With Buckles (get them here)

Anine Bing Straight Ripped Jeans In Black (get them here)

M for Mendocino plaid poncho

 Three Fates leopard sunglasses 

Fall Leaves

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I love my new M for Mendocino long sleeve dress. It’s the comfiest and is perfect for fall. For today’s outfit, I gave it more of an edge with a leather jacket and combat boots. Those who know me, know how much sharks fascinate me. I’m obsessed with my new Crywolf shark tooth necklace (thanks Offner!). Crywolf is a super cute shop located on Ossington Ave. in Toronto. They have the greatest selection of little gifts, apparel and items for the house.

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Photos by @Offner

M for Mendocino grey bodycon dress

 Nasty Gal Shoe Cult Diverge Combat Boot (get it here)

CRYWOLF sharktooth necklace

 Zara Biker Jacket with zips (similar one here)


I have a thing for flowers… I’ve always had. Maybe it’s a girl thing, maybe it’s the fact that I don’t live somewhere where flowers grow outside all year round. I like their delicateness, I like their colors, I like their smell and all of their different shapes and sizes. Each flower represents something different to me, a different time or event in my life. As a kid, I would receive flowers after dance shows, figure skating shows, birthdays, school graduations, etc. My mother would always adorn our house with fresh bouquets of flowers every week. It was just something that made our house not only smell nice but also feel a lot more alive. My favorite flowers are definitely peonies (hence the tattoo), but I really love them all! My dream is to live somewhere where I can have flowers around me all throughout the year. In the meantime, I try to decorate my apartment with flowers here and there, those than can survive with little sunlight or throughout the winter. Happy to have brought this new addition home!

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Photos by @Offner

Zara white denim pants

M for Mendocino white tee

Anine Bing Bohemian black hat

Anine Bing boots with silver studs (get them here)

Bing Bang Wanderlust cuff (get it here)

Lionette Gilmore bracelet (to order please go here)

Vanessa Mooney With A Tiny Tender Kiss Charm Bracelet White(get it here)

Grand Bend

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! So nice to finally be home again! A brunch and a movie was in order this weekend. I saw 22 Jump Street, which was an ok sequel to 21 Jump Street. The movie had some funny moments but the story is basically the same. The one thing that was cool was the fact they kept alluding to the production budget during the movie and that the studio had allotted twice the budget to basically remake the same film over again hah!

I also went to a super fun day trip to Grand Bend. It had been a while since I went there. It’s only 2.5 hrs away from Toronto. I like Grand Bend, because it’s a lot cuter than Wasaga Beach. They recently built new restaurants and art galleries right by the marina, which is a super sweet spot to grab lunch or dinner. The new¬†Smackwater Jacks Taphouse has a really great patio, with their very own beer on tap and local fish to choose from. Grand Bend is also a great place to go buy antiques for a lot cheaper than in the city. And if a packed beach isn’t your thing, try visiting the Pinery Park and campground, the beach is absolutely stunning and barely occupied. It’s $16 per car for a day at the beach. It is the ideal spot to picnic and swim! (yes we did swim…or snorkelled for some… I could barely feel my legs after being in the water for a few minutes, but it was well worth it!!)

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I’m keeping the Grand Bend beach and summer vibes going today with my brand new green Mendocino shorts. These cute drawstring shorts are ultra comfy and practical. I love the cutout pattern at the bottom, it gives them a “dentelle-like” feel. I paired the shorts with my leopard & gold tank and some gold accessories!

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Photos by @Offner

Mendocino drawstring shorts

Aldo Parella bag (get it here)

Target beige ankle boots 

Zara silk leopard tank 

Verameat Peace Hand necklace (get it here)

Guess sporty gold watch (get it here)

Romper #DailyOutfit

You’ve probably been seeing them on racks everywhere this season, but if you haven’t noticed them yet, rompers¬†and jumpsuits are in! The only bad news is if you’re a little on the tall side like myself, good luck finding a jumpsuit with legs that are long enough. But the good news is that you can get all sorts of rompers from just about anywhere!

I recently won a contest through Dainty Girl‘s blog, which allowed me to go shopping at the new & improved¬†Mendocino¬†at the Holt Renfrew Center in Toronto to update my summer wardrobe. I immediately fell for this super cute romper. I like it because it’s easy to wear, light and can be dressed up or down. Today, I paired it with a bohemian hat, a leather jacket and some cute nude ankle boots. But you can also wear it with espadrilles, sandals, etc.

Have a lovely weekend friends!! xo

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Photos by @Offner

Mendocino spotted romper

Anine Bing Bohemian black hat

Target beige ankle boots 

Pamela Love High Tide Pendant (get it here)

H&M black faux leather bomber jacket